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Proven Medical Grade Foot Controls

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Every medical-grade foot control we manufacture is built in our Medical White Room, which features ESD Safe Construction for handling electronics, such as anti-static pads, grounded chairs, and grounding bracelets for technicians. More than 90% of the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers turn to Linemaster for their medical grade foot controls We have proven success working with the most rigorous medical specifications in the world Design, Production, Documentation, Traceability, and Design Validation Why A Linemaster Medical-Grade Foot Control Is Better Unparalleled Wireless...

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Medical Brochure - 4

More than of the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers turn to Linemaster for their medical grade foot controls. Linemaster gives you a competitive edge. We are the only foot control company in the world to hold FDA 510(k) Clearance on a wireless foot switch. Whether you need a standard foot switch made at the highest quality or a custom foot switch engineered to meet your demanding specifications, Linemaster is the number one source for medical grade foot controls. Linemaster’s mission is to provide a superior foot switch at an affordable price without compromise. This mission...

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Medical Brochure - 6

We have proven success working with the most rigorous medical specifications in the world. We have partnered with an extensive group of satisfied medial clients from small start-ups to category leaders. Our diverse background means that we have catered to a multitude of diverse medical grade foot switch applications. If you can think of an application, Linemaster has probably already designed a foot switch solution for it.

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Medical Brochure - 7

All Regulatory approvals Linemaster’s track record speaks for itself: We have proven success working with the most rigorous medical specifications in the world. The most renowned medical device companies have turned to Linemaster again and again for the best medical foot controls available worldwide. Linemaster’s honed processes and quality systems are proven, resulting in the best and most reliable medical grade foot switches on the market today. FDA 510(k) Clearance UL CE FCC RoHS REACH CSA TUV WEEE SEMKO Linemaster’s Quality Management Systems include: FDA 510(k): Linemaster is the only...

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Medical Brochure - 8

Linemaster’s creative design team brings to our customers vast experience in medical foot controls and can devise an ideal solution specific to each individual application. They apply in-depth knowledge in safety regulations, technical specifications, and on-site functionality to the best technologies available. And then we do something decidedly low-tech – we talk to you. At the foundation of every Linemaster Foot Control is the best customer service in the industry. Through the entire process, Linemaster’s creative design team keeps the bottom line top of mind. Our team ensures that there...

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Medical Brochure - 10

DOCUMENTATION, TRACEABILITY, DESIGN VALIDATION Linemaster’s rapid prototyping capabilities mean that your custom foot control is in pilot stage quickly and efficiently. Design validation prototypes and production runs are put through Linemaster’s extensive testing protocols. Linemaster utilizes Automated Testing Equipment A water-testing room to test IP68 foot controls, Hypot Test Equipment for ground impedance testing Drop Tests Pull Tests for testing cables and strain reliefs Flex Testing of cables Continuity, Shipping, Environmental, and Impact testing. Through it all, Linemaster’s team...

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Medical Brochure - 11

COUNT ON SUCCESS WITH LINEMASTER TRAINED AND CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS Once your custom design is complete, you are in good hands, literally. Linemaster’s trained and certified technicians are carefully selected to assemble and test our sophisticated medical-grade foot controls with state-of-the-art equipment. Our soldering technicians are certified in accorance with IPCA-620 standards. We have a LEAN Manufacturing professional on site and our well-organized facility enables optimum workflow. Linemaster offers Vertically Integrated Human Resources, with hundreds of years of degreed and...

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Medical Brochure - 12

Linemaster switches are strong, stable, safe, moveable, washable, and responsive to a softer touch.

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Medical Brochure - 13

WHY A LINEMASTER MEDICAL-GRADE FOOT CONTROL IS BETTER A Linemaster foot control is designed and manufactured with medical applications in mind. Engineered robustness is at the heart of every foot control, but we do not overlook aesthetics and ergonomics. Stability does not come just from weight or immobility. Linemaster’s products are specifically engineered to stay in place during use, yet they are light enough to respond to a softer touch and be easily repositioned to an optimal location for the user. Features like a toe loop holster can be incorporated into the design to allow the user...

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Medical Brochure - 14

SUBMERSIBILITY Other manufacturers claim to make foot pedals that can be easily cleaned, but Linemaster produces foot control devices that are designed to be fully submersible all day/every day. Linemaster foot controls are made of the highest quality materials that can endure years of use without peeling, cracking, or wear. In some applications materials that also discourage bacterial growth have been introduced. No other foot switch is as easily cleaned and ready for use again than a Linemaster foot switch. Linemaster does extensive testing on their waterproof foot controls; submerging...

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Medical Brochure - 17

UNPARALLELED WIRELESS CAPABILITIES Get wireless technology and limitless capability from the company that was first to market with a wireless foot switch that met the high demands of medical device manufacturers. Perhaps most importantly, Linemaster is the only foot control company in the world to obtain FDA 510(k) Clearance on an IR Wireless Foot Switch. Linemaster’s IR and RF wireless foot controls provide ease of use, mobility, and cleanliness while meeting the stringent safety and reliability requirements of medical equipment. Eliminate tripping risks, gain freedom of location, and...

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