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Spec Sheet UV - STICK -NX- SCR TABLE - Tabella UV-STICK DURATA LAMPADA FINO A (ore)* LAMP LIFETIME UP TO (hour)* DIMENSIONS B (mm) DIMENSIONS B (mm) AVERAGE COVERED SURFACE OF COIL / FILTER (m2) COPERTURA MEDIA BATTERIE / FILTRI (m3) PROTECTION RATING GRADO DI PROTEZIONE REPLACEMENT LAMP LAMPADA UV DI RICAMBIO * continuous operation/accensione continuativa TECHNICAL DRAWINGS - Disegni tecnici GRID Optional Griglia Opzionale M4 holes for mounting M4 fori per il montaggio VIEW BEHIND / VISTA POSTERIORE IN CABLE-SUPPLY PLUG SPINA DEL CAVO DI ALIMENTAZIONE LINE CABLE 220-240V SUPPLY SOCKET CAVO DI ALIMENTAZIONE 220-240V OUT CABLE -SUPPLY SOCKET for serial connection cavo di uscita - presa di alimentazione per il collegamento seriale VSER-ST-304: Front vertical bracket AISI 304 staffa verticale anteriore in AISI 304 VSIR-ST-304: rear vertical bracket staffa verticale posteriore cable end with closure plug cavo finale con tappo di chiusura UV-STICK-E75H-NX-SCR UV-STICK-E40H-NX-SCR JP-ST-304: series connection plug/socket connessione in serie presa/spina VSER-ST-304: front vertical bracket staffa verticale anteriore VSIR-ST-304: Rear vertical bracket AISI 304 staffa verticale posteriore in AISI 304 JP-ST-304: Joint plate AISI 304 Piastra di giunzione in AISI 304 input power line spina di ingresso linea neuter phase Heating/Cooling coil UL-S-304: vertical bracket reinforcement (couple) piede di rinforzo verticale (coppia) DSB-ST-304: front vertical bracket staffa verticale anteriore JP-ST-304: joint plate piastra di giunzione DSB-ST-304: Diagonal stability bracket AISI 304 Staffa obliqua di stabilità in AISI 304 UL-S-304: Vertical bracket reinforcement (couple) AISI 304 Piede di rinforzo

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INSTALLATION - Installazione UV-STICK-SCR is mounted inside HVAC system through vertical, horizontal and diagonal Stainless Steel AISI 304 supports. This MOUNTING KIT could be connected directly with the AHU walls or inner components surfaces. Supports are adjustable according to the sizes of your system, our technical department designs custom layouts for clients specific needs; the kit is provided with the devices. UV-STICK-SCR are linkable together by a serial electrical connection (up to 10 devices). Upstream, the first devices must be plug to the power supply line, then every other...

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