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PRODUCT SPECSHEET UV-SMELL-SQ SAFE KITCHENS AND COMFORTABLE DINING In Kitchen ventilation systems, UV-SMELL-SQ reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance, extends filters’ life, and, more importantly, offers the possibility to work safely. From 1.000 mc/h to 4.800 mc/h, is the first device in the market that can handle UV-C+O3 (Ozone) or UV-C Ozone-Free lamps. KEY PRODUCT FEATURES Fit Anywhere, modules with UV lamps in series, compact form factor, many sizes and wattages available. Increased Disinfection Performance, with High-Output UV-C lamps (253,7 nm) or Ozone lamps. Built to last, with high-quality Stainless Steel AISI 304, high temperatures resistance (up to 50 °C), as well as endurance to fats and oils. Protected and Safe, IP55 Rating and optional differential pressure switch for aspiration control for automatic switch OFF (PRESS-205A). Optimized Efficacy with TiOx® filter, which contributes significantly to the deodorizing action of UV-C. Monitor your operation with Alarm signals. Optional control board available for advanced management of multiple devices. Healthcare sector (hospitals – clinics) HVAC Air conditioning systems Food and pharmaceutical production industry HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Schools Offices - Shops Large environments Gyms Wellness centr

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TECHNICAL TABLE UV-SMELL-SQ UVSMLLSQ 4/40HOz cod. Devices with Tiox filter Also available without Ozone LAMP LIFE (hours)* REPLACEMENT LAMP DIMENSIONS WEIGHT WEIGHT for devices with Tiox filter PROTECTION RATING POWER SUPPLY Power Supply Box to be purchased separately. Optional Control Board available. * continuous operation TROUBLE-FREE INTEGRATION AND INSTALLATION We provide the optimal point of integration for every product without requiring changes to your system. Mounting and powering the device can be done without complex requirements. Ongoing maintanance only takes a few minutes to...

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