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PRODUCT SPECSHEET WE ARE THE AIR WE BREATHE The UV FAN series is a range of professional air purifiers with fans, that guarantees microbial reduction percentage rates, up to 99.99% for each passage of air inside the device, tested by Independent Laboratories. The air can be purified 24 hours per day in presence of people, thus guaranteeing people’s complete protection against airborne pathogens, including bird flu H5N1, SARS, Sars-Cov-2, Herpes, Legionella Pneumophila, TBC, but also Bacteria, Yeasts, Moulds, and Fungi. Different versions available, for a perfect fit in any room. KEY PRODUCT FEATURES UV-C germicidal chamber shielded inside the device, to maximize air treatment and safely use the device in presence of people. Silent built-in fan, for use in all working and educational contexts. Radio Control (optional) to turn on/off the device. Inspection porthole in polycarbonate resistant to UV-C, to safely check the lamps in operation. 99,97% reduction of SARS-COV-2, tested and certified by Specialized and Independent lab. Increased Disinfection Performance, with High-Output UV-C lamps (253,7 nm) and internal mirror bright aluminum reflector. “Smart” connectivity (optional, with smart plug), to integrate the device and control it remotely with any compatible mobile App for smartphone and tablet. Low costs solution for both energy consumption and maintenance, to be used in combination with natural ventilation HEALTHCARE PRIVATE - PUBLIC HVAC - AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS FOOD AND PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTION INDUSTRY HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SHARED SPACES SCHOOLS - OFFICES - SHOPS LARGE ENVIRONMENTS GYMS WELLNESS CENTRES

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UV-FAN - 2

TECHNICAL TABLE AIR PURIFIERS (WALL OR CEILING) AIR PURIFIERS (WALL OR CEILING) + DIRECT IRRADIATION -H with hour counter with radio control with hour counter and radio control with radio control with hour counter and radio control LAMP LIFE (HOURS)* REPLACEMENT LAMP LAMP POWER (W) DIMENSION WEIGHT | NOISE Power supply cable (3x1mm2) length 2m, with IEC socket and SCHUKO plug Power supply cable (3x1mm2) length 2m, with IEC socket and SCHUKO plug MOBILE AIR PURIFIERS ON WHEELS MOBILE AIR PURIFIERS ON WHEELS + DIRECT IRRADIATION VOLUME OF AIR TREATED PROTECTION RATING ELECTRICAL CONNECTION -H...

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