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Guaranteeing Hygiene, Safety and Energy Efficiency Air conditioning systems and above all the AHUs - Air Handling Units are the ideal microcosm for the proliferation and spread of pathogenic microorganisms, spores, and mould, which combine with each other in a complex manner and are then deposited on all internal surfaces of the Air Conditioning unit in the form of an unpleasant biofilm. Light Progress UV-C solutions solve all these problems associated with hygiene and efficacy, ensuring not only air purification, but also savings on system maintenance.

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360° Solutions for the HVAC - Air conditioning systems Industry The modular and flexible solutions by Light Progress will ensure the ideal system for your needs, at your service. In AHUs, the proliferation of the typical surface biofilm lurking in heating/cooling coils causes great pressure drops, that’s why when mounted in front of coils the optimized parabolic mirror bright reflector in UV STICK-AL direct all the UV power toward the surface, keeping them clean and efficient as “day one”. Heat exchangers surface disinfection is the bottom line of AHU’s disinfection, UV STICK AX/NX SCR...

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DISCOVER ALL LIGHT PROGRESS PRODUCTS CLICK HERE 99,99% Reduction Of Virus, Bacteria, Molds and Fungi Tested in Air Treatment and Surfaces 99,99% Elimination Of SARS-COV-2 virus Tested in Air Treatment and Surfaces CE Mark IEC 62471 EPA UL 507, 1995 UL 867 (No Ozone) FDA - Registered Company EPA - Registered Establishment Trademarks and Certificates issued by third parties and applicable to specific LIGHT PROGRESS products Light Progress Group SRL Loc. San Lorenzo, 40 52031 Anghiari (AR) ITALIA Light Progress GmbH Glattbacher Str. 5 63741 Aschaffenburg DEUTSCHLAND Light Progress LLC 1601...

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