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Protection and Safety Guaranteed The healthcare sector has forever had to deal with problems linked to the spread of viruses, bacteria, mould, spores, and mites: This creates the important need for utmost control of hygiene levels. Infections and complications can sometimes arise even after hospitalisation or discharge (HAI - Healthcare-Associated Infections); it is therefore important to choose procedures able to ensure the highest possible levels of asepticity and disinfection.

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360° Solutions for the Healthcare Industry (Public and Private) HVAC & CETRALIZED AIR DISINFECTION HVAC systems and AHUs must include a UV-C disinfection section, to guarantee the highest Indoor Air Quality level and safety for healthcare professionals and patients. In closed spaces, air purifiers can guarantee healthier environments, reducing the rate of harmful virus and bacteria, with no need of opening windows and thus saving energy. W H Y I N T E G R AT E U V- C TECHNOLOGY? CUSTOM SOLUTIONS WE TURN CHALLENGES INTO SOLUTIONS Traditional cleaning methods often aren’t enough to ensure the...

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DISCOVER ALL LIGHT PROGRESS PRODUCTS CLICK HERE 99,99% Reduction Of Virus, Bacteria, Molds and Fungi Tested in Air Treatment and Surfaces 99,99% Elimination Of SARS-COV-2 virus Tested in Air Treatment and Surfaces CE Mark IEC 62471 EPA UL 507, 1995 UL 867 (No Ozone) FDA - Registered Company EPA - Registered Establishment Trademarks and Certificates issued by third parties and applicable to specific LIGHT PROGRESS products Light Progress Group SRL Loc. San Lorenzo, 40 52031 Anghiari (AR) ITALIA Light Progress GmbH Glattbacher Str. 5 63741 Aschaffenburg DEUTSCHLAND Light Progress LLC 1601...

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