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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete


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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 1

Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps Optimum Conveyance of Concrete

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 2

More profit by way of investment Sound investment – Financial savings over the long term Maximum life-expectancy and reduced servicing costs ensure smooth and cost-effective operation over many years. Superior resale prices are an additional customer benefit. Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 3

There are many reasons for choosing a Liebherr truck mounted concrete pump When purchasing from Liebherr, you are guaranteed highperformance „Made in Germany“ products for the most exacting requirements. With utmost importance attached to quality, we only install components supplied by renowned manufacturers. Extensive test series and field testing, as well as material inspections ensure long life-expectancy of the concrete pumps. The innovative pump units, hydraulic system and state-of-the-art control ensures cost-effective operation of the concrete pump. Numerous technical details...

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 4

Uniform movements Design of the distributor booms ensures uniform, low-vibration operation during the placing of concrete. Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 5

Distributor booms from Liebherr are available in roll-fold, Z-fold or multi-fold designs (depending on the respective type) featuring three, four or five boom elements. Pipe bends are predominantly the same, making the storage of wear parts easier. Due to their large radius (R=275), the pipe bends reduce resistance in the concrete line. The balanced weight distribution resulting from alternating pipeline guidance on the left-hand and right-hand boom side, as well as the torsional resistant steel structure, ensures low-vibration guidance of the boom. Arrangement of the pipeline close to the...

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 6

Innovative outriggers Flexible and safe support The XXT-outrigger allows particular flexibility when supporting in spatially restricted conditions. Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 7

Liebherr offers various support systems, ensuring an ideal configuration solution for every respective requirement. The XXT is particularly innovative and is exclusive to Liebherr, providing specific advantages for everyday applications on the building site: With the narrow support option, the front outriggers can be extended up to the front of the vehicle, allowing a greater working range of up to 70 % (green). In particular, pumping concrete over the operator‘s cab is extremely advantageous. Advantages of the XXT-outrigger • Direct power transmission from boom to outrigger • No forces...

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 8

The powerful pump units Maximum pump output – Smooth running The hopper geometry and the size of the suction openings ensure maximum pump output with an outstanding degree of efficiency. The double end-of-stroke damping of the S-pipe changeover cylinder facilitates a particularly smooth and quiet operation. Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 9

Improved concrete flow The shape of the discharge hopper and the large-sized suction openings at the cylinder contribute towards unobstructed pump operation and outstanding suction performance. The left and right-hand agitator paddles are powered by separate motors, therefore no connection shaft is required between the paddles. Reduced soiling The discharge hopper is designed with smooth surfaces and no protruding edges. Deposits of residual concrete are kept to a minimum and cleaning is completed quickly and smoothly. Flawless insertion of the concrete due to consistent concrete flow...

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 10

The control: Safe and highly sensitive Complete control All commands can be transferred to the machine from any unobstructed operator position using the state-of-the-art radio remote-control. The boom can thus be manoeuvred smoothly and practically across the building site. Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 11

Colour display The radio remote-control features a colour display, on which various operating conditions may be viewed, for example the XXA stability control during the supporting procedure (see Fig.). Alternatively, operation is also possible via proportional cable-operated remote-control wherever radio control is not permitted on respective application site, for example in military zones. Protection against corrosion All housings for the control are made of stainless steel. Improved operational safety Additionally, Liebherr truck mounted concrete pumps feature alternative control options,...

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 12

Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 13

Your wish is our command Liebherr offer an extensive selection of fittings and accessories. An optimum solution can be configured for your truck mounted pump to satisfy all requests and requirement. More storage space Regardless of the respective configuration of the machine, Liebherr can provide various options for storage facilities. This will ensure that all materials being transported on the vehicle can be tidily arranged in its own safe storage space. 9 Convenient for everyday operations For example, a high-pressure lance or the spraying equipment can ease the daily routine of...

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 14

Utilisation on a global scale ... Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 15

Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

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Optimum Conveyance of Concrete - 16

Concrete technology from Liebherr Liebherr provide a comprehensive range which encompasses the whole of concrete technology from a single source, from the production of concrete, to concrete transport and installing concrete on the building site. More than 60 years of experience and continued further development has guaranteed Liebherr status as a globally-renowned provider in the concrete production sector. The correct solution for every requirement Liebherr truck mounted concrete pumps featuring various configurations with boom sizes of up to 50 m radius are perfectly designed for...

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