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Mixing systems for every task

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Mixing systems from Liebherr If you produce concrete, there is a Liebherr mixing system to suit your exact requirements. Almost fifty years of experience in mixing technology are an excellent guarantee of wellproven technical design and construction. At Liebherr’s own Experimental Technical Centre, its mixers are subjected to unceasing tests and ongoing development work. The results are leading-edge mixing technology, maximum user benefit and long, trouble-free operating life. Whatever the requirement, we can offer you an effective mixing system. Ring pan mixers Liebherr supplies ring pan...

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Intensive ring pan mixers from Liebherr have been in use for many years all over the world for a wide variety of practical applications. ‘’Top concrete quality, even for special purposes, is achieved by the high mixing energy of the agitator systems. The cement is opened up so efficiently that actual cement consumption is reduced. Liebherr ring pan mixers are operated at precast concrete element and other concrete product factories, and also by suppliers of pre-mixed concrete. Even the smallest Liebherr ring pan mixer, the RIM-M 0.5 (Fig. 1) can be supplied with a mechanically driven...

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Hydraulic mixer gate

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Twin-shaft mixers Liebherr twin-shaft mixers are particularly suitable for high outputs of pre-mixed concrete for delivery by truck mixer, and are supplied in 1.25 to 6.0 cubic-metre sizes. Their compact design is a particular advantage and they are therefore also used in mobile mixing plant and for construction-site mixers. The sturdily built mixing equipment can, depending on the version chosen, process stone or material sizes up to 180 mm without difficulty, important at large-scale projects for example dams. The synchronised gear drives are of generous capacity, for long, reliable...

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Mixing shaft and blade

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Equipment, options and loading The Liebherr high-pressure mixer cleaning system, which is an optional extra, makes day-to-day work much easier. At the touch of a button the mixer, including the gate, can be rapidly cleaned each evening or during a break in the work; the tedious task of hosing down by hand is reduced to a minimum. For wear-free temperature measuring of the material in the mixer, Liebherr supplies its patented Litronic TMS system as an option. The central lubricating system supplies grease regularly and reliably to all the lubricating points. It is an option with a ring pan...

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Rapid discharge system Steam lance

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Data and dimensions Ring pan mixers - hydraulic/mechanical Type Nominal capacity acc. to DIN 459, Part 1 Filling capacity Dimensions (standard version) mm Type RIH/RIM Voltage/frequency** Number of gates per mixer Mixer rotating speed Peripheral speed Weight of standard version Ring pan mixer versions A B C D kW kW V/Hz 1/min m/s t Motor ratings quoted here are our standard versions. For longer mixing times and multiple-shift working, more powerful motors may be required. Non-standard voltages available on request

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Twin-shaft mixers Type

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The ideal mixer for every task Printed in Germany by Typodruck BK-RP LMT-8203 036 05-01.13_engb Subject to technical modifications.

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