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level developments ETS : Dual Axis Tilt Switch With Adjustable Threshold Description There are three main types, single axis, dual axis and omni-directional. For each of these types there are four versions to cover a variety of switching angles. The exact switching angle can be adjusted with the pcb mounted rotary switches. With the dual axis version the tilt thresh-old (the trip angle) can be adjusted individually for the X and Y axis. With the single axis version, only the X axis is monitored, and with the omni-directional version, the measurement of both axis is combined to calculate the resultant tilt angle. Once the tilt thresh-old is reached the relay operates and the switch contacts are closed. This can be used to sound an alarm, switch on a warning light, or interface directly to a machines control system. Single, dual or omni-directional tilt sensing Adjustable switching threshold from 1 to 50° 'ZERO' button to set zero after installation Small size and low power consumption. No moving parts means no servicing and long life Can be readily customised to suit most applications Wiring Information Wire Colour Terminal Function Block Pin Bank angle warning system for ride-on mowers Blue 1 Switch Common Օ Safety cut-out for cranes with hydraulic levelling Green 2 Switch NO Tilt warning system for platform and hoist levelling Grey 3 Switch NC Օ Rollover warning system for agricultural vehicles Brown 4 +Ve Supply Safety cut-out for telescopic and scissor lift platforms Black 5 GND Specifications Housing (underside Part Number ETS 1-4 ETS 4-11.5 ETS 10-25 ETS 20-50 Switching Range 1-4° 4-11.5° 10-25° 20-50° Adjustment Step 0.2° 0.5° 1° 2° Switching Accuracy ±0.1° ±0.2° ±0.5° ±1° Hysteresis 1 0.2° 0.5° 1° 2° Bandwidth (-3dB) 0.25Hz Power Supply 7-35Vdc Current 40mA max Switching Capacity 220Vdc, 250Vac, 60W max Dimensions 65x60x40mm (housing) or 50x35mm (pcb) Temperature Range -20 to 65°C Sealing (housed type) IP67 Part Numbering ETS - XX - XX - X 1-1՗:-7-rJ-S (Single Axis) Min Switching angle f / \ _D fDual Axis) Max Switching angle / \ -O (Omnidirectional) 1 Once the threshold angle is reached the relay is activated. The hysteresis is the angle the unit needs to return below the threshold before the relay is re-leased. It is necessary to prevent oscillation at the threshold angle. Level Developments Ltd. Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2DN t : +44 (0)20 8684 1400 sales@leveldevelopments.com 97-99 Gloucester Road United Kingdom f : +44 (0)20 8684 1422 www.leveldevelopments.com

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