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level developments IS-2-30 : 2 Axis Inclinometer Sensor With RS232 Output The IS-2-30 is a dual axis inclinometer sensor with an RS232 output suitable for interfacing with embedded Systems or with a PC for data acquisition. It measures angles between ±30° in the pitch and roll axis, and can transmit the data continuously, or when polled to do so. It is small, lightweight, rugged and sealed to work in a variety of applications. Օ Dual axis simultaneous measurement High accuracy, 0.01° resolution, ±30° range RS232C digital interface (ASCII 9600-N-8-1) Continuous or polled output Sealed Aluminium housing 043mm Precision 3D MEMS Sensor Spcifications Range ±30° - Dual Axis Resolution 0.01° Accuracy ±0.05° or 1% (whichever is greater) Output Format RS232 (ASCII) Supply Voltage 9-12Vdc Operating Current <30mA (@12V) Cable Length 2m (screened) Dimensions 43 x 40.5 x 21.5mm Weight 40g Operating Temp -25 to 85°C Sealing IP65 Dimensions RS232 Interface Baud Rate : 9600 bps Parity : None Data Bits : 8 Stop Bits : 1 Output Format : (19 Bytes) Bytes 1 1 6 1 1 1 6 1 1 O/P x = + 3.02 ! y = -17.45 CR LF The full duplex RS232 interface allows commands can be sent to and data received from the device simultaneously. The output by default transmits the angle data in ASCII format (as shown above) continuously, however using the Set Mode command, this can be switched to command mode so the device only replies in response to a call command. Full details of the RS232 interface, and command set can be found in the operating instructions. ■ The Effect of Temprature on Accuracy Changes in temperature can cause a zero bias drift, and a change in sensitivity of the output. The graphs below show these errors for typical amd worst case devices. f :+44 ww.leveldevelopments.com ucester

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