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Marine Applications


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Marine Applications - 1

Reliable and fully engineered solutions for propulsion, deck machinery and fuel optimization CONTROL TECHNIQUES LEROY-SOMER

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Marine Applications - 2

Providing dynamic, efficient and certified solutions for marine applications There are many challenges affecting various sectors of the marine industry. These range from: • High fuel costs, making the need for marine operations to be as efficient as possible • Heightened environmental regulations driving more sustainable shipping • Tighter budgets for investing in new vessels, propulsion systems and deck machinery • Lack of in-house skills and resource to manage upgrades to vessels • The many difficult operations that have to be carried out at sea, with vessels in very demanding conditions...

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Marine Applications - 3

Global solutions and services With many marine applications in existence across a wide range of vessels, our global organisation provides: Drives & Motors Services Cutting edge drives, motors and alternator technology - Our market leading products provide the performance and functionality needed to produce effective control solutions for propulsion and wide variety of deck machinery applications Scalable Automation Solutions - from small retrofit projects to full electrical marine solutions, backed by our highly experienced and qualified global application teams Customized local services -...

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Marine Applications - 4

Global facilities and resources Nidec provides global project management, with engineering resources dedicated to solutions to Marine standards and is present in all countries involved in marine-related industries. Ireland United Kingdom Germany France Spain USA Canada Morocco Mexico Venezuela Port Logistics Reliable, safe and environmentally sound automation solutions that optimize movement of containers and goods while increasing energy and fuel savings Read about Nidec’s reliable, safe and environmentally sound automation solutions for Port Logistics that optimize movement of containers...

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Marine Applications - 5

An enhanced global presence that benefits all our customers Through our integrated Drives & Motors and Electrical Power Generation organization, we have an extensive global presence that povides comprehensive local support & services. This includes: 10,000 employees 40+ Automation Centers Providing excellent customer support for any product, automation solutions or service requirements 32 Manufacturing sites Producing a comprehensive range of high quality products, optimized for industry-specific customer requirements 8 Engineering and Design facilities Denmark Belgium Develops market...

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Marine Applications - 6

Typical solutions for Marine applications Maximum power ratings Alternators: up to 20 MW (26,800 hp) Drives & Motors: up to 2.8 MW (4,200 hp) Shaft, stand-by and emergency alternators Auxiliary supplies Main electric/hybrid propulsion Alternators Drives Motors Energy & fuel saving RISGA system Alternators Drives Auxiliary propulsion Motors Drives Water cooling & ventilation system

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Marine Applications - 7

We are able to provide a wide range of products and solutions for numerous marine applications. These include adapted products to military standards, such as: • • • • Extended shock resistance (up to 15 G for drives & 168 G for motors) Low noise levels EMC protection Compact and modular products with high power density and liquid cooled features To operate in the most severe of marine conditions, our product reliability is improved through: • • • • Elimination of vibration Qualification Life cycle improvement/management Crew training Refrigeration compressors Motors Drives Deck machinery...

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Marine Applications - 8

Solutions for marine propulsion and deck machinery applications Global expertize perfectly executed at local level We have a group within our organization that is dedicated to designing, managing and implementing global solutions projects. This allows us to leverage and mobilize our worldwide marine expertize and automation knowledge across every project. Dedicated local teams based at our Automation Centers ensure each stage is perfectly executed, providing: • • • • • Specific marine application-focused solutions optimized for reliable and maximum operation Highly skilled propulsion system...

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Marine Applications - 9

Adding value to your business We want our partnership with you to develop over many years, continuously adding value to your business. Comprehensive maintenance and servicing is available to ensure trouble-free operation, along with the following offerings: • Management of future equipment and machinery requirements or retrofit projects • Upgrades to hardware/software as technologies advance • Onboard software development for fine-tuning performance • Provision of add-on functionality as your needs expand • Support for business and staff training needs when required Comprehensive electrical...

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Marine Applications - 10

Flexible propulsion systems to meet your exact vessel needs We have a deep experience in designing and implementing customized electric, hybrid and auxiliary propulsion systems, which are specific to your vessel requirements. Our innovative and reliable solutions are highly efficient, optimizing energy and fuel consumption to the exact power requirements of each operation. Modular drive systems provide compact design with built-in redundancy and low emission propulsion. The use of stored battery or harbor grid power through a Variable Frequency Shore Connection can result in zero NOx and...

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Marine Applications - 11

Hybrid design CODLOD/CODLAD Diesel/Electric design Different propulsion systems • Compact engine room design & enhanced installation flexibility • Classic or Direct drive hybrid, including CODLAD (Combined Diesel/Electric and Diesel Engine) & CODLOD (Combined Diesel/Electric or Diesel Engine) configurations • Vessel sailing at slow speed using electric propulsion (CODLOD) • Complete electrical system including: - automation - power management system • Flexibility to accommodate 50 or 60 Hz port supply • PTI Booster mode (CODLAD) • Tested under load conditions before installation • Air and...

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