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Unsere Herstellung The high standard of our work- Der hohe Leistungsstandard manship ensures a constant high unserer Mitarbeiter sichert eine quality of our products. konstante Quai it t unserer Qualified to DIN ISO 9001 / EN 2000 Zertifiziert nach DIN ISO 9001 / EN 2000 system technology Final control by computer Fibre optic SMPTE department A view In our big cable warehouse. The appropriate cable for almost any Voli computergesteuerte Endkontrolle Eln Bllck In unser groBes Kabellager. Wlr llefern f rfastjede LEMO-Steckver- blndung das passende Kabel ab Lager.

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Order information Coaxial cable Triaxial cable Triaxial cable / video cable Audio cable Multiconductor cable Multiconductor cable PTFE Multiconductor cable Multiconductor Silicone/PUR-cable Computer cable Special cable in FPM/PEEK High voltage cable Special-combinations cable Hybrid cable Spiral cable Miniature cable Fibre optic cable Plastic fibre optic technics Cable assembly Catalog summary Page / Seite Triaxialkabel / Videokabel Mehradrige Kabel Mehradrige PTFE Kabel Mehradrige Kabel Mehradrige Silikon/PUR-Kabel Katalog bersicht

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Collet diameter of the LEMO-connectors Spannzangendurchmesser der LEMO-Stecker Conductor colour according to DIN 47 100 (VDE 0812) Aderfarbfolge nach DIN 47 100 (VDE 0812) (without colour repetition) (ohne Farbwiederholung) Material abbreviations Materialabk rzungen CuSn Copper wire tinned CuAg Copper wire silver Cu Copper wire plain CuSt Steel wire, copper-plated CuStAg Steel wire, copper-plated, silver CrNi Chrome-Nickel-Chrome CuCu double-screened AgAg double-screened AgCu double-screened SnSn double-screened Fe vzkt armoured, steel wire braid, tinned CuM Copper wire-solid conductor PVCI...

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Order information Colour of conductors according to UL-Style Aderfarbfolge nach UL-Style Prices Preise Please request a special quotation for larger quantities of 500 m, 1.000 m, 2.500 m, Bitte fordern Sief r gr Bere Mengen (500 m, 1.000 m, 2.500 m, 5.000 m usw.) je nach 5.000 m etc. for each type. Type ein Spezialangebot an

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Coaxial cables HF-coaxial cable according lo MIL 017 Electrbal and general properties Elektrische urd allpemeine Daten Mechanical properties Mechanische Dalen 0 P lease request for the act we ave ilab le lengths * Bite ft agen Sie nach den aktuell ver rugbaren Langen

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Coaxial cables HF coaxial cable - Special version Efectrical ánd gérerai properties HF Koaxialkabel In Sonderausf hrung Elektrische ind allgemeine Dalen lyfechariiîcte Daten Efectrical and general properties Elektrische ind allgemeine Daten Mechanical propertfes lutechariiscte Daten Efectrical and general properties Elektrische Lnd allgemeine Daten Mechanical proper tfes lutechariiscte Daten

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Triaxial cable 50 Q (Aidio cable) Triaxial cable 75 £1 (Video cable) Electrical and general properties Ele kir eche ind allgemeine Dalen Capackance/ Kapazï t pF/rn l.Schirm gegen Belrieb spanning Mechanical properties Mechanische Daten Cfcfccfric/ Dielektrkim Video and camera cable 75 Ci Electrical and general properties Elektrische ind allgemeine Dalen Kapazit tpF/m Ader gegen Sentimi Cri'te groip Video cable - Mechanical properties Vöeokabel- Mecían eche Daten * Oher cobirsip 100 m on reqiest ' Andere Farben ab 100 m af An trage

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Triaxial cables / video cables Triaxialkabel / Videokabel Low noise triaxial cable Electrical and general properties Elektrische ind allgemeine Daten Mechanical properties lechanische Daten Video cable 4 conductors Video cable 7 conductors Electrical and general properties Elektrische ind allgemeine Daten Mechanical properties lechanische Daten

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Audio cables Twhax cable (doi ble w re screened) Very flexible w Ih good crosstab attenuation Twhaxkabel (zweiattig. geschirmt) Hocfiflexrjel mí guter libers pre chd mplmg The mentioned œburs are awibbb h stocte Other œburs on request. h den aulgef hrten Farben ab Lager liefabar. Andere Farben auf Anfrage. Kapazt tpF/m Twhax cable with dot ble spiral screen Very flexible Highly stabilized impedance AES/EBU specifed Temperature range (ftexible) -5 X to +50 X Twhaxkabel mitdoppeltemWendelschirm AES/EBU spezifiziert ."lier», alun Nimber I Coi Ador stridire IV ra pe m] Oitet sheath

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Audio cables Sound modulation cable win a crosstalk Ton modula tl ons kabel mï elner Übersprecnd mpiung iron 125 dB Audio cable flwi nax) w Ih doub le spirai screen Audiokabel flw i ra>:) ml doppeltem Wendelsch rm Ver/ flex ble with a good crosstalk attenuation Hochflexlbel mï guter Übersprecnd mpfung * Other cobirsip 100 m on reqiest 1 Andere Farben ab 100 m ai f Anfrage

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Mehradrige Kabel Very flexible cables, several wires, unscreened Wire cross section 0,04 mnf (max. operating voltage 200 V) Mehradrige ungeschirmte, hochflexble lelungen Operating wltage Test wltage Condictor resistance hsubtion resistance Capacitance approx. Operating temperature Stocfage temperature tepazit t(Rbhtwert) Ctha wre lumbers on req.es! Andate Aoerareah I a f An Rage Miniature control cable with spiral screen Wire cross section 0.05 mnf (max. operating voltage 300 V) Miniatur- Steuer leitungen mit Wendelschrm Operating wltage Test wltage Condictor resistance Operating...

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M uit icon ductor cables Mehradrìge Kabel Very flex ble cables, several wires, screened, couple twisted Wire fjoss section 0,08 mm* / 0,09 mnf (max. operating voltage 250 V) - screening with filling material strand Mehradrige geschrmle Leiungen, lelchl paanrersell, 250 ^ - Abschir mgef lecht mit Bei la if I itze Operating wltage Conductor resistance Capacitance approx. Operating temperature Stockage temperature Bendhg radiis Oiler sheath Otter diameter * Colon of condictors accordhg » UL-St>(e > AJanratb tolge nach LL-Style Single shielded low capacitance diode cable (Dial cable) Wire cross...

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Multiconductor cables Mehradrige Kabel Multiconductor unshielded and shielded cable Wire cross section 0,11 mm2/0,14 mm2 Mehradrige úngese hi rrnte und geschirmte Leitungen Wire cross section Operating voltage Test voltage Condictor resistance Capacitance approx. Operating temperatire Bending radlis Wire coloirs b) several bendlngs 15 x cable-oiter-! Mind, Isolatlonswiderstand Kapazlt t(Richtwert) Lager tern pera tir b) mehrmallge Bieging 15 x Kabel-AiBen-l (The cirrent-carrying capacity of the mi Iticondicto measired at 30 °C according to VDEO 100/Part 430 (Die Strombelastbarkeit der...

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