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LEMO pioneered and set the standard for HDTV The global standard for HDTV fibre connector LEMO developed the 3K.93C Series connectors in the early stages of the introduction of HDTV, becoming the standard for high-definition TV. It is one of the only connectors being used worldwide that complies fully with SMPTE, ARIB and EBU standards for both signal and cable. LEMO’s 3K.93C connectors are the standard in national and international broadcast companies. Fast transition to HDTV Transition to HDTV is easier than ever with LEMO. The wide range of shell styles and termination procedures, for...

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Highest performance with LEMO standard F2 fibre contact The advantage of using epoxy and polish contacts is the reliability of the termination and longevity of the connector to assure a quality signal transmission. These contacts are very robust and can withstand wide outdoor temperature variations. Extend the quality of your connection LEMO offers quality assembly service for HDTV connection systems. The connector assembly is done in-house by qualified personnel. NEW pre-terminated F2 fibre optic contacts - offering a quick and easy field solution The new pre-terminated contact provides...

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3K.93C Series General characteristics Cable retention force Endurance: Brass+Cr Endurance: Stainless steel Drop test Shock Vibration Standard F2 temperature range Pre-terminated F2 temperature range Humidity Water resistance Corrosion Index protection Electrical contacts Power > 700 N > 10000 cycles 20000 cycles 2m 100 g, 10-50 ms 7 cycles (20-2000Hz) -40° C, +80° C -20° C, +60° C up to 95% at 60° C Depth of 1.8 m for 48 hours 48 hours, 5% salt water test IP 68 Number of contacts Male contact ø Contact type Conductor AWG min. Conductor AWG max. Working Voltage max. Test Voltage Rated...

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Fixed plug with round flange (4 holes mounting), cable adapter, with bend relief ˜101 Part Number Collet type Housing material Stainless steel Housing material Stainless steel Note: 2 male fibre optic contacts FFS.F2.BA2.LCE30 must be ordered separately. Fixed socket (receptacle) with front square flange (4 holes mounting) 29 Housing material Part Number Fixed socket (receptacle) with rear square flange (4 holes mounting), and earthing tag 23 Note: The bend relief must be ordered separately (see page 8). 2 female fibre optic contacts PSS.F2.BA2.LCT10 must be ordered separately. Stainless...

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F2 fibre optic contacts optic elements as well as preparing and using special epoxies for the fibre assembly. solution but may also be used for indoor fixed installations. These pre-terminated contacts enable simple and rapid on-site-terminations. The design eliminates the need to polish fibre The standard F2 fibre contact is the highest performing solution on the market regarding thermal stability and very low signal loss. The F2 pre-terminated fibre optic contact was designed as repair Optical characteristics Contact model Average insertion loss fibre 9/125 µm Return loss fibre 9/125 µm...

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Cables – ARIB, SMPTE & EBU mixed camera cables Mixed camera cables have been specially designed for HDTV Broadcast requirements resulting in the primary standards in Japan and USA. These standards are fairly similar, except for the colour coding of the control cores. While the diameter of the central strength member is the same in ARIB standard cable (Japanese standard) BTA S-1005B both standards (1.8 mm) some manufacturers use 1.6 mm only. SMPTE standard cable (USA standard) 311 Power wire Black (x2) Optical fibre Blue Power wire Black (x2) Optical fibre Blue Signal wire Green Signal wire...

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Cable group Part Number blue white grey yellow brown black Note: The last letter «N» of the part number indicates the colour black of the bend relief. For others colour, refer to the adjacent table and replace letter «N» by the letter of the colour required. Bend relief with cap Part Number GMF.3K.085.EANZ Material: black EPDM Bend relief with cap Part Number GMP.3K.085.EANZ Material: black EPDM Coloured ring for bend relief with cap Part Number GMF.3K.265.RG GMF.3K.265.RN GMF.3K.265.RR GMF.3K.265.RV Colour grey black red green Material: Silicone Blanking caps Part Number Material: black...

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Spring loaded dust cap for EDW and EBW L Note: On request, this cap is available in black. If so replace the last letter «G» of the part number by «N». M Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM) grey (or black) Patch panel 2U panel with one row of 6 or 10 plugs or sockets (receptacles) of the 3K.93C Series. Front side connection beige grey black nat. anod. Plug FMW Socket (receptacle) PEW Socket (receptacle) PBW Cable assembly Assembly cable with one straight plug (FUW) and one straight socket (receptacle) (PUW), both complete with GMF/GMP bend relief with cap. FUW + GMF Cable type 25 meter length...

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Complete workstation for fibre optic contact Part Number Contact type Note: other tools such as polishing machine and optical test instrument are also necessary. Description Standard F2 contact termination workstation Crimping tool for fibre optic contact Epoxy curing jig Epoxy curing oven (220 V) Epoxy curing oven (110 V) Extractor for fibre optic contact (assembly house) Spanner for tightening collet nut Description Crimping tool for screen crimping on FUW and PUW Manual crimping tool (signal contacts ø 0.9) Manual crimping tool (power contacts ø 1.3) Extraction tool, crimp cont. ø 0.9...

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Tooling for field termination Part Number Part Number Positioner for signal 1) (male), 0.9 mm Positioner for signal 1) (female), 0.9 mm Manual crimping tool (signal contacts ø 0.9) Manual crimping tool (power contacts ø 1.3) Positioner for power 2) (male and female), 1.3 mm Fibre cleaver for pre-terminated contact Crimping tool for cable group 2-4 (FUW and PUW) Crimping tool for cable group 3 (FUW and PUW) Spanner for tightening collet nut Primary coat stripper Note: 1) These positioners are suitable for use with both manual and pneumatic crimping tools according to the MIL-C-22520/7-01...

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