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Multi concentric contact connector

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Multi concentric contact connector A new range of products dedicated to setups where connectors need to allow some rotation. Similar to coaxial or triaxial connector, these precision engineered connectors include multiple concentric electrical contacts. The number of contacts range from 4 to 10 contacts available in various shell sizes. These contacts are designed for low speed rotation, can last up to 10000 rotation cycles. Unlike coaxial or triaxial connectors these connector are not impedance controlled. The contacts are recessed and scoop proof. Applications include petroleum downhole drilling systems, turret application, in other words applications where the connection may require to twist freely (instrumentation mast).

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Part numbering System Plug and free socket Collet type Insert configuration Contact: L = female solder Housing: Chrome plated brass Insulator: PEEK FGZ.2S.C04.CLLD42Z = Straight plug, cable collet, 2S series, concentric type with 4 contacts, outer shell in chrome-plated brass, PEEK insulator, female solder contacts, D type collet for 4.2 mm diameter cable and nut for fitting a bend relief. Fixed socket Model Series Insert configuration Contact: A = male solder Housing: Chrome plated brass Insulator: PEEK EGZ.2S.C04.CLA = Fixed socket, nut fixing, 2S series, concentric type with 4 contacts,...

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FGZ Straight plug, cable collet Reference eGZ Fixed socket, nut fixing Reference Note: The 5S series is delivered with a tapered washer and a round nut. PGZ Free socket, cable collet collets (D type) Type Note: all dimensions are in millimetres. 1) these collets cannot be used for connector models

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Special reduced shell whithout latching models, NOT scoop proof FAA Fixed plug (only compatible with EHP) Reference L maxi Part number example: FAA.●S.C●●.YLL EHP Fixed socket (only compatible with FAA) Reference L maxi Part number example: EHP.●S.C●●.YLA For all the sizes (2S, 3S, 4S, YS, 5S), please respect the gap between plug and socket as shown below. 0.2 + 0.2 0 LEMO HEADQUARTERS SWITZERLAND LEMO SA Chemin des Champs-Courbes 28 - P.O. Box 194 - CH-1024 Ecublens Tel. (+41 21) 695 16 00 - Fax (+41 21) 695 16 02 - e-mail: Data subject to change, printed in Switzer

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