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high voltage single contact connectors Y, s, e and 05 series

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Precision modular connectors to suit your application Since its creation in Switzerland in 1946 the LEMO Group has been recognized as a global leader of circular Push-Pull connectors and connector solutions. Today LEMO and its affiliated companies, REDEL and COELVER, are active in more than 80 countries with the help of over 40 subsidiaries and distributors. The modular design of the LEMO range provides over 75000 connectors from miniature ø 3 mm to ø 50 mm, capable of handling cable diameters up to 30 mm and for up to 114 contacts. This vast portfolio enables you to select the ideal...

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LEMO high voltage connectors (single contact) LEMO’s High Voltage Y series connector have been designed in the 70’s for the CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, one of the largest and most respected centers for scientific research. All the series presented in this catalogue (S series, E series, Y series and 05 series) are Push-Pull connectors that offer reliable construction, made of high grade materials. The design of these product increases the creepage distance of the interconnection enabling to guarantee high voltage working conditions

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Y series (HV single contact) This family of single contact connectors are high voltage connectors designed for operating voltages ranging from 5 to 50 kV. They offer a great deal of security. The long housing permits a mechanical mating long before the contacts are engaged, thus ensuring safe mating. Furthermore, the socket in the series 3Y can be provided with a microswitch to prevent power from being turned on before the plug is mated. Models without safety locking ring 405-410 type Straight plugs Fixed sockets Models (page 9) Straight plugs Fixed sockets Part Section Showing Internal...

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Requirements in the field of nuclear research have given LEMO the opportunity to design a new generation of high voltage unipole connector in this Y series. They are mainly characterized by their extremely favourable size/test voltage ratio. The use of insulating material such as PEEK and silicone rubber in a new design of insulators allows to propose connectors withstanding up to 52 kVDC in the 3Y series. Models with safety locking ring 416-425 type Watertight or vacuumtight models (page 15) Models (page 13) Straight plug Fixed sockets Fixed sockets Straight plug Fixed socket Part Section...

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Notes:1) with safety locking ring.

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Notes: Outer insulation cable diameter (mm) must be adapted to the inner silicone insulator diameter (mm).

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Cable fixing type: (p. 18) Contact type: A = Male solder L = Female solder Insulator: F = Silicone (LSR)1)• L = PEEK    • Housing: C = Chrome-plated brass • N = Nickel-plated brass • Notes: 1) only for the plugs of the 1Y.416 and 3Y.425 series. • First choice alternative • Special order alternative FFA.1Y.405.CTAC52 = straight plug with cable collet, 1Y series, high voltage type, 10.5 kVDC test voltage, chrome-plated brass housing, PTFE insulator, male solder contact, C type collet for 5.2 mm max diameter cable. ERA.3Y.430.CLL = fixed socket, nut fixing, 3Y series, high voltage type, 42...

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Part number FFA.3Y Straight plug, cable collet Part number

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ERA.1Y Fixed socket, nut fixing Part number Panel cut-out ERA.3Y Fixed socket, nut fixing Panel cut-out

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^ LEma Part number ERD.3Y Fixed socket with two nuts and microswitch (back panel mounting) Part number

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Part number PSA.3Y Fixed socket, nut fixing, cable collet Part number

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ERA Fixed socket, nut fixing, for non-screened cable Part number

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PEP Fixed socket, nut fixing, with cable clamp nut (back panel mounting) Part number FFB.6Y Straight plug with cable collet and safety locking ring Part number ERA.6Y Fixed socket, nut fixing Part number

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HGP, EWB, VPP, VCP socket models allow the device on which they are fitted to reach a protection index of IP68 as per IEC 60529. They are fully compatible with plugs of the same series and are widely used for portable radios, military, laboratory equipment, aviation, research institutes, etc. Technical CharacteristicsMechanical and Climatical Note:1) only for vacuumtight models. EWB.1Y Fixed socket, nut fixing, vacuumtight, for print Part number HGP Fixed socket, nut fixing, vacuumtight Part number

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Part number VPP Fixed socket, nut fixing, with cable clamp nut, vacuumtight (back panel mounting) 14 (1Y) Panel cut-out Part number VCP.3Y Fixed socket, nut fixing, vacuumtight, for non-screened cable (back panel mounting) Part number

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Insert configuration Standard insulator material Cable sheath ø maxi (mm)1) Contact gender for plug Female solder contacts Male solder contacts Female solder contacts Male solder contacts single high voltage WARNING: Depending on the application specific safety standard apply regarding determination of the operating voltage Us. That shall be considered carefully when selecting connectors. Ue Ue In low duty operations operating voltage Us can be as high as Us = . For severe applications operating voltage can be as low as Us = . 1.5 3 Note: 1) some specific model may accept larger dimensions,...

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Note: All dimensions are in millimetres. 1) Design may differ from other bend relief, model without stripes. The last letter «G» of the part number indicates the grey colour of the bend relief. For ordering a bend relief with another colour, see table below and replace the letter «G» by the letter of the required colour.

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Lmma. Part number • Material: Nickel-plated brass (3 ^m) Note: To order this accessory separately, use the above part numbers The panel cut out diameter is larger when using tapered washer. This tool is needed for the termination of the cable, (crimping over the screen) of the plug FFR.

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S series (HV single contact) S series connectors have main features as follows: – security of the Push-Pull self-latching system – solder contacts – 360° screening for full EMC shielding – wide range of models satisfying most applications. Models (page ??) 23) Straight plug Straight plugs Fixed sockets Free sockets Fixed plug Fixed sockets Watertight or vacuumtight model (page 28) Fixed sockets Fixed coupler Part Section Showing Internal Components Straight plug outer shell earthing crown retaining ring hexagonal nut locking washer insulator female contact outer shell latch sleeve collet...

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