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SHACK™ - SMPTE conversion device for singlemode fibre (SC, ST, FC or LC) The SHACK™ is a conversion system from SMPTE connectors/cable to standard singlemode connectors. The system provides a transition from optical communication over hybrid (copper and fibre) cables to optical communication over commonly available singlemode fibre SMPTE HYBRID ALTERNATIVE CONNECTOR KIT optic cables. The SHACK™ permits the camera to be locally powered while allowing the optical signals to be transmitted. It is a lightweight and very compact solution for stadiums, sports arenas or outside broadcast applications.

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Technical characteristics Characteristics • Converts from SMPTE 304 connectors to standard duplex fibre optic cable assemblies • Plugs directly into camera/base station Advantages • Plug & play solution • High quality signal transmitted over fibre • Compact • Uses inexpensive SC, ST, FC or LC connectors • Camera brand independant Applications • Golf, skiing, auto racing, olympic games • Pre-fibred venues • Stadiums, racing tracks FGW Straight plug 3K.93C - singlemode Part Number PHW Free socket 3K.93C - singlemode Part Number Data subject to change, printed in Switzerland, February 2008

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