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Broadcast Multishack

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FROM MULTIPLE SMPTE CABLES TO A SINGLE MULTIWAY FIBRE CABLE MULTISHACK™ conversion system The MULTISHACK™ is a conversion system from multiple SMPTE connectors/cable to a single multiway fibre cable. The system provides a transition from HD over hybrid (copper and fibre) cables to HD over a single multiway fibre optic cable. The MULTISHACK™ enables up to 6 cameras to be individually powered from one remote source (i.e. a local generator) through the 3K.93C connectors and cables. The optical signals will continue to be transmitted through individual pairs of fibres within a multiway fibre optic cable. The power is inserted at the Camera end MULTISHACK™ via a waterproof mains/power connector and is distributed to the hybrid cables through individual circuits. The CCU /OB MULTISHACK™ is powered by the output voltage from the CCU. The MULTISHACK™ uses the technology proven in the SHACK™ and has individual transmission circuits ensuring a manufacturer protection handshake for each channel.

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LEnm Features Technical characteristics Characteristics • Converts from SMPTE 304 connectors to a single multiway fibre optic cable • Plugs directly into camera/base station via cable • Allows connection of up to 6 cameras • Redundant power supply Advantages • Plug & play solution • One multiway cable is cheaper than multiple SMPTE 311 hybrid cables • The 6 cameras can be powered without additional mains / DC leads to every camera Applications • Golf, skiing, auto racing, olympic games • Stadiums, racing tracks • Wherever multiple cameras are needed in a remote location Notes: For a Grass...

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