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Coax, Triax, Fiber Optic and Hybrid Connectors 8

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Self-latching System Technical characteristics Système de verrouillage Push-Pull Caractéristiques techniques The operation of this locking system is extremely fast. It is absolutely safe against vibration, jerks and accidental traction on the cable. It ensures simple handling in very limited space. Ce verrouillage est d'une simplicité et d'une rapidité extrêmes. Sécurité absolue contre les vibrations, les secousses et les tractions accidentelles sur le câble. Manipulation simple dans des espaces très réduits. The LEMO self-latching system allows the connector to be mated by simply pushing...

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For TV camera applications, LEMO completes its coaxial and triaxial    Pour les applications sur cameras TV, LEMO complete sa gamme de (75 O) connector range with the 3T Series. Particularly intended for    connecteurs coaxiaux et triaxiaux (75 O) par la serie 3T. outdoor use it guarantees a protection index of IP66 as per IEC 529 Particulierement destinee aux applications exterieures, elle offre un standard (mated connectors). The 3T Series models are fully inter-    indice de protection de IP66 selon normes CEI 529 (connecteurs matable with the ULC Series size III C75 (coaxial 75 O) and...

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Triaxial connectors 4A series (75 Q) Connecteurs triaxiaux de la serie 4A (75 Q) For video applications, LEMO offers a range of triaxial connectors especially conceived for the connection of television cameras to their control equipment and widely used by the most important manufacturers of professional video cameras. These connectors can either be used outdoors or indoors. Technical characteristics / Caracteristiques techniques Pour la video, LEMO propose une gamme de connecteurs triaxiaux specialement etudies pour la liaison des cameras de television avec leur equipement de controle et...

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Triaxial connectors 4E Series (75 Q) LEMO offers a standard connector for video-broadcast application in the 4E Series. Designed for harsh environments, this series with non-keyed shell is adapted for blind mating. The construction of the E Series, guarantees a protection index of IP 66 as per IEC 529 standard (mated connectors). The rugged metallic outershell provides superior protection against rough working conditions, in addition it offers outstanding EMC protection. Connecteurs triaxiaux de la serie 4E (75 Q) LEMO offre un connecteur standard pour applications video dans la serie 4E....

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LEMO completes its range of coaxial connectors for video, with the 4M Series designed for harsh environments. This series includes triaxial (50 et 75 Q) connectors especially developed for video cameras. With the same construction as for the E Series, the 4M Series guarantees a protection index of IP66 as per IEC 529 standard (mated connectors). In addition, the outershells are provided with a mechanical guide which prevents any interruption of signals which might be due to insert rotation. Completant sa gamme de connecteurs triaxiaux pour la video, LEMO propose, pour une utilisation dans...

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Triax push-pull connectors for TV cameras Connecteurs triaxiaux push-pull pour cameras TV The REDEL F Series is a range of self-latching triax connectors specifically designed for TV cameras. The design of these connectors is particularly compact, they are easy to assemble and have an excellent electrical performance. They are fully intermatable with the 1051 A004 Series. Electrical characteristics / Caracteristiques electriques La serie REDEL F comprend une gamme de connecteurs triaxiaux a auto-verrouillage specialement congue pour les cameras TV. D'une construction particulierement...

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FRZ Free socket with cable collet FRZ Prise droite a serre-cable FSZ Fixed socket with cable collet, nut fixing, visible shell Part Number Reference FSZ Prise droite a ecrou et serre-cable, boTtier saillant FVZ FVZ Free coupler FVZ Raccord droit Part Number Reference FFZ Straight coupler with two plugs FFZ Fiche droite double Part Number Reference FWZ FWZ Adapter from REDEL socket to LEMO 3T.675 socket Part Number Reference FWZ Adaptateur compose d'une prise REDEL et d'une prise LEMO 3T.675 Part Number Reference Inner screen fixing For all the models the letter «C» added to the end of the...

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Fibre Optic HDTV Camera Interconnection System 3K.93C Series with code (W) keyway A new range of high performance fibre optic camera connectors have been developed to meet the needs of the new generation of digital TV cameras. The use of fibre optics means that transmission can be made over much longer distances using digital signals from the camera to the base station and at a much higher level of definition. However, the performance of the interconnection is critical if this benefit is to be fully exploited. -Push-Pull self-latching system for quick & easy mating -Compact design with: 2...

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The (•) in the part number below is to be replaced by the chosen shell material code (C= chrome-plated brass; T= stainless steel). For all collet nut connectors, adding a Z to the end of the part number means there is a collet nut to be used for mounting the cable sleeve. The last letter of the strain relief part number indicates the colour (N= black). For the other colours, please refer to the page 31 table. The strain relief shall be ordered separately. Le (•) des references ci-dessous est a remplacer par le code de la matiere du corps exterieur choisie (C= laiton chrome; T= acier...

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Singlefibre 00 Series fibre optic connectors Connecteurs fibre-optique monofibre de la serie 00 This Series of miniature fibre optic connectors allows to use singlefibre cables with singlemode or multimode fibre in Si/Si with dimensions of 9/80-9/125-50/1 25-62.5/1 25-100/1 25 or 100/140 pm. The F4 contact with ceramic ferrule guarantees optimal optical performances. Cette serie de connecteurs fibre-optique miniatures permet l'utilisa-tion de cables monofibres avec fibres monomodes ou multimodes en Si/Si de dimensions 9/80-9/125-50/125-62.5/125-100/125 ou 100/140 pm. Le contact F4 a ferrule...

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