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2C series connector - Unipole Multipole General Catalog

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No reproduction or use without express permission of editorial or pictorial content, in any manner. LEMO reserve the right at all times to modify and improve specifications without any notification. Printed in Switzerland, 2010    © LEMO SA Pdf updated, June 20

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LEMO unipole and multipole connectors This catalogue gives the complete description of LEMO unipole and multipole type connectors. The LEMO manufacturing programme has been extended to almost 40 series divided into 7 product families with specific mating and environmental characteristics. Each series includes a wide variety of plug, socket, coupler and bridge plug models, available in contact configurations adapted to all round cables, including up to 106 conductors, and a maximum diameter of 30 mm. Watertight and vacuumtight models are also available. Since LEMO connectors are perfectly...

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Precision modular connectors to suit your application Since it’s creation in Switzerland in 1946 the LEMO Group has been recognized as a global leader of circular Push-Pull connectors and connector solutions. Today LEMO and its affiliated companies, REDEL and COELVER, are active in more than 80 countries with the help of over 40 subsidiaries and distributors. Over 75’000 connectors The modular design of the LEMO range provides over 75’000 connectors from miniature ø 3 mm to ø 50 mm, capable of handling cable diameters up to 30 mm and for up to 106 contacts. This vast portfolio enables you...

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• Step 1: Select connector series Select the appropriate LEMO connector series according to the environmental parameters that will affect your device or cable such as indoor, outdoor, temperature range, ingress protection of the mated connector and of your device. Use the table shown on page 4. • Step 2: Select connector size Use the section (mm2) or the AWG of your cable wire to select the optimal contact diameter (values vary between solder, crimp or print contact), see page 7. Use this optimal contact diameter to determine the right connector size as well as the insert configuration, see...

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Note: 1) Mated connector. See ingress protection code page 5. 2) Your device. For selection of connectors for watertight and vacuumtight devices, see page 5.

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Definition of Ingress Protection (IP code) IEC 60529 outlines an international classification system for the sealing effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion into the equipment of foreign bodies (i.e. tools, dust, fingers) and moisture. This classification system utilizes the letters «IP» (Ingress Protection) followed by two digits. Degrees of protection - First digit The first digit of the IP code indicates the degree to which persons are protected against contact with moving parts and the degree that equipment is protected against solid foreign bodies...

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Note: 1) L series not available in unipole version. 2) 2.0 is for 6S series, for 6E the values are 1.3 and 5.0.

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Verify the fitting to your wire Verify if the selected contact diameter (ø A) of the LEMO connector fits to your cable wire diameter (AWG number or max. available section). Contact Contact type Conductor Stranded AWG Section (mm2) min. L dimensions and C are detailed in the section on PCB drilling pattern. See page 156 and 159. L dimensions and C are detailed in the section on PCB drilling pattern. See page 157 and 160. Note: 1) contact retention force in the insulator (according to IEC 60512-8 test 15 a). 2) for 00 multipole series. 3) for S, E, 2C, 2G and 1D series. 4) for a given AWG,...

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3) for these series the maximum cable diameter require models with oversized cable collet (type K).

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multipole types 2 to 64 contacts high packing density for space savings keying system («G» key standard) for connector alignment B series connectors provide the following main features: - security of the Push-Pull self-latching system - solder, crimp or print contacts (straight or elbow) - multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors - 360° screening for full EMC shielding. Metal housing models (page 12) Fixed plugs    Straight plugs Fixed sockets Free sockets Fixed sockets Elbow socket models (page 22) Elbow sockets Fixed sockets Plastic housing models (page 24)...

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Part Numbering System Plug Free socket D 62 Z Variant: (page 54) Cable ø: (page 52) Collet type: (page 52) Fixed socket Insert configuration: (page 45) Part Number Example Straight plug with cable collet: FGG.1B.306.CLAD62 = straight plug with key (G) and cable collet, 1B series, multipole type with 6 contacts, outer shell in chrome-plated brass, PEEK insulator, male solder contacts, D type collet for 6.0 mm diameter cable. Free socket: PHG.1B.306.CLLD62Z = free socket with key (G) and cable collet, 1B series, multipole type with 6 contacts, outer shell in chrome-plated brass, PEEK...

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Note: the various tests have been carried out with FGG and EGG connector Bairs, with chrome-plated brass shell and PEEK insulator. etailed electrical characteristics, as well as materials and treatment are presented in the chapter Technical Characteristics on page 171. FGG Straight plug, key (G) or keys (A...M and R), cable collet Reference Cable assembly (page 161) Note:1) the surface design of the 00 series is different. FGG Straight plug, key (G) or keys (A...M), cable collet and nut for fitting a bend relief 2) Reference Cable assembly (page 161) Note: 1) the surface design of the 00...

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FFG Straight plug, non-latching, key (G) or keys (A...M), cable collet | M1 | Cable assembly (page 161) Lmma FNG Straight plug, key (G) or keys (A...M and R), cable collet and lanyard release | M2 | Cable assembly (page 162)

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FIG Straight plug for remote handling, key (G) or keys (A...L and R), special alignment mark, knurled handling surface, cable collet Refe rence M1 Cable assembly (page 161) P9 Panel cut-out (page 152) Note:1) maximum length with crimp contacts FAG Fixed plug, non-latching, nut fixing, key (G) or keys (A...M and R) Refe rence P1 Panel cut-out (page 152) Note: 1 maximum length with crimp contacts. The 5B series is delivered without locking washer or tapered washer and with a round nut. Refe rence Cable assembly (page 161)

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