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Verity Powered by JetStream Check 100% of installed work in the time it takes to spot-check 5% Deliver more accurate construction projects The power of Verity and JetStream combined! Automatically create a true as-built model Verity uses highly advanced computer vision algorithms to check the accuracy of installed elements from point clouds delivered at ultra-high speed by JetStream and in concert with CloudWorx. Working together, these innovative software programs give you a powerful new set of tools to visualise, analyse, report and control quality on your construction jobsites. Verity powered by JetStream compares laser scans of as-built conditions against design/fabrication models to give you unprecedented insight into any construction errors on your project. With Verity and Leica Geosystems laser scanners, you can check 100% of installed work in the time it used to take to spot check 5% helping to ensure an error-free construction deliverable. Many owner/operators are requiring a final, accurate as-built BIM at commissioning. With a single click, Verity powered by JetStream can update coordination models in Navisworks to reflect real-world conditions. Additionally, point cloud data from any out-oftolerance element can be exported to the proper design platform allowing the design/fab model to be easily updated. - when it has to be right Geosystems

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Verity Powered by JetStream Unprecedented control over your construction project ensuring work is completed on time, on spec and on budget Additional key benefits VERIFY Understand what has been installed Verity powered by JetStream analyses and compares what has actually been built against the design/fab model to determine which elements have been installed to date and flagging any out-of-tolerance or inaccurately constructed work. ANALYSE Clash detect the as-built in Navisworks using the Verity data Verity powered by JetStream can push the locations of recently constructed objects into...

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