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Leica Zeno Connect High accuracy GNSS on all devices Zeno Connect is an app for third party applications to manage, configure and use Leica Zeno GIS series antennas. Use on Windows®, Android or iOS platforms Easy to configure and control GNSS and RTK sources SDK available to integrate with custom Windows applications Zeno Connect provides GNSS positional data either via NMEA or the Android/iOS Location Service to your own app or third party software. Achieve centimetre accurate GNSS positions when using an RTK connection1 Use Geoid models to provide accurate orthometric height Bluetooth® connectivity ensures cable free operation of supported antennas Zeno Connect turns your own device into a high accuracy data collector when used with a Leica Zeno GIS antenna2. Download and install Zeno Connect from the Google Play store for Android, from myWorld for Windows® and from the App Store for Apple Compatible with your own choice of data collection device or software

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Leica Zeno Connect FEATURES AND OPTIONS App integration Turn your own device into a high accuracy data collector when used with a Leica Geosystems GIS antenna. Install Zeno Connect and the toolbar will always run in the foreground of your application, handling all communication between the GNSS receiver and the app, as well the configuration of real-time differential correction sources. On Android and iOS3, the accurate position will be provided via the location manager with no further setup required. Software features Informative and easy-to-read GNSS status bar. Easy to configure...

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