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Leica VADASE Autonomously detecting fast movements in real time Unique features nnFully-autonomous, onboard stand-alone receiver – no GNSS RTK correction services needed nnInstant information on fast relative displacements up to 20 Hz delivered in real time nn24/7 monitoring nnIntegration into early warning systems The new Leica Velocity and Displacement Autonomous Solution Engine, or VADASE, provides an in-depth look into fast movements of various natural activities and man-made structures. Delivering actionable information in real time, this autonomous solution streams velocity and displacement data at a high frequency. Benefits nnDeeper understanding of how and why movements occur to evaluate support and fortification needs nnAssist professionals to take action, to react, to mitigate damage and protect life nnSupport fast decision making

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Leica VADASE - 2

Leica VADASE Delivering actionable information in real time Innovation in after-impact applications: By using unique processing algorithms, Leica VADASE delivers actionable information about fast movements as they occur. The firmware uses standard broadcasted information and observations collected by one stand-alone receiver in real time. The estimated velocities and displacements are streamed using new NMEA messages. For applications needing instant information about the impact to nature and infrastructure after hazardous events: Users can apply the latest version of Leica SpiderQC, Leica...

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