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The Laser Station Leica TDRA6000 The Leica TDRA6000 Laser Station is a portable inspection system designed for precision measurements on extremely large structures. It has an operational volume of 600 meters measuring 3D coordinates both with standard reflectors, and non-contact (reflectorless). The Leica TDRA6000 sets a new standard for ultra large scale metrology. leica TDRA6000 laser station

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A new level of speed and performance Leica Geosystems introduced the world to Industrial Total Stations in 1983 with the legendary TC2002. In 1995 we introduced the TPS5000 series as the world’s first fully automated tracking Industrial Total Station. For decades, Leica Geosystems has supplied thousands of Industrial Theodolites and Total Stations worldwide – many in the toughest industrial environments imaginable, indoors and outdoors. Their ease of use and one-man operation capability make them the obvious choice for a large variety of metrology tasks in aerospace and shipbuilding as well...

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Industrial grade measurements With a typical 3D point uncertainty of 0.25 mm in a 30 meter volume, the new Laser Station Leica TDRA6000 is the most accurate Total Station ever designed for industrial use. Automatic Target Recognition allows the sensor to perform automated deformation studies, as well as track a reflector for single man operations. While the PowerSearch module makes re-locking on to an interrupted reflector as easy as standing still. leica TDRA6000 laser station

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Ship Building Power Generation With a measurement volume of up to 600m with a Wind, Solar and Nuclear power all rely on high noncontact distance meter, the Laser Station Leica accuracy large volume measurements to make sure TDRA6000 is positioned for any challenge, even the that the equipment performs at its maximum potential. gigantic ship building industry. When paired with Whether you are erecting towers or inspecting blades metrology focused software solutions designed to for wind turbines, laying out solar mirror fields, or maximize the measurement throughput, no other inspecting...

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Targets and Accessories With a collection of different metrology grade reflectors, adapters and accessories, the Laser Station Leica TDRA6000 can be equipped to measure almost anything. Tripods and Stands Whether you work indoors or out, the stability of your setup is paramount. Therefore Leica Geosystems has a selection of tripods to make sure that your specific job needs can be fulfilled. leica TDRA6000 Laser Station

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Leica TDRA6000 Laser Station Accuracies All measurements are performed under stable indoor environmental conditions with the target squarely aligned. Distance measurements are verified against a laser interferometer over 120 m. Unless stated otherwise, all accuracies are Maximum Permissible Error (≈ ±3 σ), with typical accuracies being ½ MPE (or approximately ±1.5 σ). 3D Point Reproducibility The 3D Point Reproducibility “Pre” is defined as the standard deviation between multiple measurements of a 3D point and is specified as a function of the distance between the LaserStation and the...

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Laser Trackers & Stations Portable Measuring Arms Gantry CMMs Multisensor & Optical Systems Precision Measuring Instruments Hexagon Metrology offers a comprehensive range of products and services for all industrial metrology applications in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, energy and medical. We support our customers with actionable measurement information along the complete life cycle of a product – from development and design to production, assembly and final inspection. BRIDge CMMs White light scanners For more information, visit www.hexagonmetrology.com © 2013 Hexagon Metrology....

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