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PRODUCT BROCHURE More than just a line scanner

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Advanced scanning technology in a 6DoF measurement system Leica T-Scan and Leica Absolute Tracker – the dream team of industrial metrology. This tracking solution offers 6 degrees of freedom and measures very large volumes. The Leica Absolute Tracker does not need to be relocated once it is set up. And if the measurement object is extremely large, no photogrammetric targets are required after the tracker relocation. Save time and do not compromise on accuracy. The Flying Dot technology is the only truly automated scanning solution. The adjustment of the laser power to obtain the best...

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System specifications Leica T-Scan TS50-A Measurement volume Max. volume Leica AT 901-MR (ø) 18 m (59 ft) Max. volume Leica AT 901-LR (ø) 30 m (98 ft) Max. volume Leica AT 901-LR with T-Cam XR (ø) 50 m (164 ft) Horizontal 360° Vertical ± 45° Weight Leica T-Scan Acceptance angle (Freedom to rotate) Pitch angle Yaw angle Roll angle Measurement uncertainty of sphere radius (2 sigma) UR = ± 50 um if under 8.5 m (± 0.002” if under 27.9 ft) UR = ± 16 um + 4 um/m if greater than 8.5 m ((± 0.0006 “ + 0.00005”/ft if greater than 27.9 ft) US = ± 85 um + 1.5 um/m (±0.0033” + 0.00002”/ft) Measurement...

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Laser Trackers & Stations Portable Measuring Arms Gantry CMMs Multisensor & Optical Systems Precision Measuring Instruments Hexagon Metrology offers a comprehensive range of products and services for all industrial metrology applications in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, energy and medical. We support our customers with actionable measurement information along the complete life cycle of a product – from development and design to production, assembly and final inspection. BRIDge CMMs White light scanners For more information, visit www.hexagonmetrology.com © 2013 Hexagon Metrology....

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