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Leica ScanStation P50 Because every detail matters 0 The right choice Whether you have to 3D capture the world's tallest buildings, document the widest infrastructure objects or scan the biggest open pit mines, you know long range scanning will be essential for your job. Adding long range scanning capability to the market leading ScanStation P-Series the new Leica ScanStation P50 is the right choice, because every detail matters. Scan inaccessible places The ScanStation P50 delivers highest quality 3D data and HDR imaging at an extremely fast scan rate of up to 1 mio points per second and ranges of more than 1 km. Unsurpassed range and angular accuracy paired with low range noise and survey-grade dual-axis compensation form the foundation for highly detailed 3D colour point clouds mapped in realistic clarity. Complete scanning solution Leica Geosystems offers the new ScanStation P50 as an integrated part of a complete scanning solution including hardware, software, service, training and support. 3D laser scanner data can be processed in the industry's leading 3D point cloud software suite, which consists of Leica Cyclone stand-alone software, Leica JetStream, Leica CloudWorx plug-in tools for CAD systems and the cost-free Leica TruView. - when it has to be right Geosystems

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Leica ScanStation P50 Product Specifications SYSTEM ACCURACY Accuracy of single measurement * Power supply Battery type 2× Internal: Li-Ion; External: Li-Ion (connect via external port, simultaneous use, hot swappable) Internal > 5.5 h (2 batteries) External > 7.5 h (room temp.) Range accuracy Angular accuracy 1.2 mm + 10ppm over full range (120 m / 270 m mode) 3 mm + 10ppm over full range (570 m / >1 km mode) 8” horizontal; 8” vertical Target acquisition ** Dual-axis compensator Liquid sensor with real-time onboard compensation, selectable on/off, resolution 1”, dynamic range ± 5’,...

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