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TM50 Monitoring Station – Every half second counts We live in a dynamic world. Buildings and dams settle, bridges flex and vibrate, rock masses shift, mud slides, glaciers flow and volcanoes erupt. Whether by human activity such as mining and construction or by natural processes such as climate change and erosion, the world in which we live is continually changing. Engineering companies and contractors face increased challenges monitoring this change. They are being charged with – and being held liable for – the condition of the structures they create and maintain. In order to surmount...

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HIGHEST MEASUREMENT ACCURACY   .5” Angular accuracy 0   0.6 mm + 1 ppm distance accuracy   .5” Automatic Aiming (ATR) accuracy and 0 3 km range ROBUST IP65 DESIGN   20°C to +50°C operating temperature –  P65 protection against wind, dust and rain I HIGH RESOLUTION OVERVIEW and TELESCOPE CAMERA   utomatic capturing of panoramic images A   0x magnification for high resolution images 3 and fine aiming  Automatic focus FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY  Wireless LAN  USB port  Bluetooth®, RS232 POWER MANAGEMENT   xternal power supply E  nternal battery charging I HIGH DYNAMIC PIEZO DRIVES   est-in-class...

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Whether measuring objects on a construction site, or monitoring a dam or a bridge; whether capturing an accident scene with digital imaging or scanning a building façade – you need reliable and precise data. The Leica Nova solution perfectly integrates all these capabilities in one compact solution. Leica Nova embodies 90 years of innovative thinking to develop outstanding technologies. A solution that gives you the benefits of not only being able to take faster, smarter decisions, but also better and more informed decisions regardless of the application. Leica Nova represents our...

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