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Universal automatic level

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Leica NA2 / NAK2 - 2

The classical level from Leica Geosystems matic level meets all requirements regarding precision, convenience engineers with years of what a field instrument sites for routine levelling, Universal application settlement determinations railways, pipelines, •Area levelling of high •Tacheometrie levelling with the K-version on flat stadia and angular meas- urements with height •Deformation measure-

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Leica NA2 / NAK2 - 3

Strong tripods telescopic-leg tripod. extreme rigidity. when transport space is The circular level only compensator well into its so setting-up goes quicker. Play-free footscrews footscrews is such that in a very short time. Unlike the tubular level of level is relatively insensitive to direct solar radiation and an umbrella need only precise levelling. Open sight

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Leica NA2 / NAK2 - 4

Adjust the line of sight automatically Minimum maintenance instrument is that, as soon the line of sight is horizontal centring procedure involved with the traditional tubular comprises four flexed tapes (1) made of a special alloy to ensure faultless functioning even at extreme sator, which is located between the focusing lens against mechanical vibra- tion and is screened against magnetic fields. In the unlikely event that damaged (and this can only extremely harsh treatment) it is replaced easily, being held only by three screws. 'uspension tapes 'rism (fixed) 'ompensator body 'endulum...

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Leica NA2 / NAK2 - 5

Top-class optics Top-class optics quality and gives a bright, high-contrast, erect image, even in poor light - an levelling. With the standard instrument. Optional Eyepiece exchange takes coarse/fine movement: - coarse, for rapid setting with minimum turning - fine, for the final delicate touch to give the perfect Fatigue-free viewing - a single horizontal hair for reading normal staffs use with invar staffs - stadia hairs for distance wire levelling. friction-braked rotation endless horizontal drive with bilateral knobs, NA2 field of view with metric levelling staff Reading at horizontal...

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Leica NA2 / NAK2 - 6

High-performance accessories for precise levelling parallel-plate micrometer This optional accessory slips over the telescope perfectly with the smooth levelling, deformation studies, and even optical drive for raising and lower- veniently located and read- ings are taken on a glass scale viewed through an eyepiece just above the telescope eyepiece. This optical reading system, which is digital apart from inch versions, is superior to the usual metal drum parallel-plate micrometer There are tasks for which yet for which the very high To meet this requirement, with drum reading, engraved on...

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Leica NA2 / NAK2 - 7

rough world of the building site. The pendulum compen- sator is protected against knocks and shocks. There is damping mechanism. The high setting accuracy ensures that the line of sight stays put. The attach- able parallel-plate micro- ideal for precise fine Reliable, automatic, facility with the push-button control not only makes work easier; it also promotes confidence. Easy handling endless horizontal drive promotes rapid Quick levelling-up set up with the three rapid- action footscrews. Their self-adjusting threads make subsequent resetting Superb telescope Telescope with excellently-...

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Leica NA2 / NAK2 - 8

Proven reliability ensures precise results demonstrable success your equipment exactly "Survey accessories" safe transport foam-padded container made of high performance foam padding absorbs all container provides perfect Technical data Standard deviation for 1 km double-run levelling, depending on type of staff and on With parallel-plate micrometer Standard eyepiece Clear objective aperture Shortest focusing distance Multiplication factor Additive constant Working range of compensator Setting accuracy of compensator (stand, dev.) Sensitivity of circular level Glass circle (K version)...

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