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Leica Infinity Infinitely connected NEW PERSPECTIVES FOR YOUR PROJECT Discover a new dimension in survey office software. Leica Infinity not only allows you to process complex structures with absolute precision, it is above all your key to simple access to the worlds of 3D data processing. Three-dimensional data sets recorded in the field - and even multiple scans - can now be displayed on your desktop, edited more rapidly than ever before and integrated with other survey results - for faster decisions in projects. 0 NOTHING BEATS ANOTHER CHECK Leica Infinity is designed to provide you with instant access to all aggregated raw data at all times and lets you combine and cross-check them against processed or archived data and survey results with only a couple of clicks. Your survey crews in the field are kept on the ball by data transfer when it comes to expanding or reducing the survey schedule, response times and decisions are made faster and bring new levels of project-efficiency. REPORT AND ARCHIVE YOUR RESULTS No matter how complex your survey is, it is important to be aware for the state of the project. Leica Infinity offers you all the tools to document and report on individual steps and final results, no matter for how long your project lasts. All your data, processed results and deliverables are contained in your project and are accessible whenever you need. For more transparency of the decisions you have taken. - when it has to be right Geosystems

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