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Infinity Office Software – The right information at the right place Leica Infinity – the intuitive office software solution from Leica Geosystems Surveying also means the ability to handle information and data from the field and office in a flexible way and – as far as possible – from anywhere with fast accessibility and seamless data transfer. Today and more than ever before, you also need to rely on a seamless workflow in all your projects. To fulfil this need, we have developed Leica Infinity: a user-friendly, intelligent software platform with intelligent information architecture that...

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A simply seamless workflow various data formats data input different kinds of instruments data output Leica Infinity – Simply the right solution TPS, GNSS, images, scans and more: so many different kinds of data come to­ ether on a field project – no problem at g all for Leica Infinity. Numerous data formats can be edited, archived and exported to CAD applications – easily, without data loss and without the hassles involved in conversion. This not only for data from different instrument types, but also from multiple sites and survey teams. Leica Infinity differentiates between and...

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Leica Geosystems is committed to constant improvement in the world of surveying technologies. The performance of the instruments we produce today is better than ever before. The increased functionality must however also be reflected in the overall workflow between field and office. This is the reason for Leica Infinity. The faster decisions in the field can be made, the more important it is to have easy transfer, processing and quality assurance of the surveyed data on your desktop. You are now in a position to ensure the desired quality of each phase of your work. All survey results are...

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