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Leica Geosystems' iCON site field software is best known for its construction tailored apps, ease-of-use and intuitive user interface. Combine Leica iCON site with one of Leica Geosystems' iCON GNSS smart antennas and experience a highly flexible and accurate solution for any stakeout or as-built job in your road construction or earthmoving project. Making sure that the complete site crew is working with the same equipment and data guarantees a smooth and hassle-free workflow. EXPERIENCE HIGHEST VERSATILITY IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION ■ Install the system on a vehicle for fast surface checks, especially over large areas. ■ Benefit from real-time project information and statistics in the field. ■ Share data remotely with site personnel and machine operators via Leica ConX. ■ Install the system easily on the machine and use it as an entry-level machine guidance solution. EASY INSTALLATION ON THE VEHICLE USING: ■ Leica iCON GNSS smart antennas: iCG60, iCG70 or iCG70T ■ Leica iCON field controller: CC70 or CC80 ■ Magnetic roof mount for smart antenna, optionally combined with a quicksnap for easy swap of antenna between vehicle and pole ■ In-cabin mount for CC70 and CC80 controller - when it has to be right Geosystems

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Increase efficiency and quality of work on site The Leica iCON site Supervisor and Foreman kit from Leica Geosystems gives you instant real-time access to project statistics in the field, allowing you to make informed decisions quicker than ever before. Instantly increase site productivity by checking the efficiency of your machines and site personnel with an easy-to-use in-cab display, make checks on whether your project is on time and on specification. With iCON site you can carry out accurate as-built checks, stakeouts, grade checking, volume calculations and reporting. NO NEED FOR...

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