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Leica iCON gps 60 Smart positioning on any construction site Leica iCON gps 60 is a versatile SmartAntenna for all construction positioning tasks. Featuring superior GNSS technology and various integrated communication options, it meets all your requirements for reliable and accurate measurements. Its intuitive display shows full status information of the instrument, simplifying operation and configuration. Leica iCON gps 60 also offers exceptional network capabilities allowing you to use RTK network services (Leica SmartNet and other networks) for highly reliable, improved GPS positions. ■ Superior GNSS Technology for maximum accuracy and reliability. Features Leica SmartTrack+ and SmartCheck+ and Leica xRTK. ■ Future-proof satellite tracking. Works with all existing and future satellite systems. ■ SmartLink - bridges RTK communication gaps up to 10 minutes ■ Multi-purpose GPS solution. Can be used as construction site GNSS Base, Rover or NetRover, in supervisor vehicle on site and entry level machine control mounted inside a machine.increasing machine productivity ■ Unique communication flexibility, featuring integrated radio, modem and Bluetooth®. ■ System integration made easy through use of platform independent SDK (Software Development Kit) bringing swift configuration to all ■ Integrated NTRIP Server and Caster for Internet based Reference Station. ■ No controller required for base station set-up means you need less hardware. ■ Unique flexible software licencing and feature upgrade concept. You can order packages or individual licences when you need them, investing when you need to. - when it has to be right Geosystems

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Leica iCON gps 60 One instrument for many tasks Perform many positioning tasks yourself, easily and quickly. Check grade or cut & fill, stake-out points and lines and as built check. Leica iCON gps 60 is the perfect mobile base station for your construction site. You don‘t need a controller for base station set-up. Stream corrections over the Internet without Radio. Save time and increase your productivity monitoring the grade from your supervisor vehicle on site. Use Leica iCON gps 60 for easy, single grade machine control applications, further increasing the value of the product and your...

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GNSS PERFORMANCE GNSS technology Leica patented SmartTrack+ technology: • Advanced measurement engine • Jamming resistant measurements • High precision pulse aperture multipath correlator for pseudorange measurements • Minimum acquisition time Maximum simultaneous tracked satellites Up to 60 satellites simultaneously on two frequencies Satellite signals tracking GNSS measurements GNSS antenna options • Fully integrated GNSS antenna • External GNSS antenna connector (Type TNC) External GNSS antenna options MEASUREMENT PERFORMANCE & ACCURACY Fully independent code and phase measurements of...

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INTERFACE Buttons • ON / OFF button • 6 function buttons (arrow keys - up/down/left/right, Enter, Esc) Display High resolution, 1.8" gray scale display with adjustable backlight: • Provides full receiver LED status indicator Additional functionality COMMUNICATION Communication ports status on main screen (position, satellite, radio, modem, battery, Bluetooth®, telematics, memory) • Several submenues for additional details • Various configurations in submenues, e.g. radio channel • Start Base Station with "Here" or type in coordinate • Start and configure raw data logging 1 x LED...

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