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Leica iCON builder 60 Product information With Leica iCON builder 60, construction layout was never more professional. The intuitive user interface paired with the highest quality manual total station perfects any job. Industry leading layout software Best-in-class measurement technology High return on investment Best-in-class laser measure with PinPoint technology Ambient light sensor (ALS) automatically controls display/button illumination Long lasting Li-Ion batteries Electronic Guide Light (EGL) guides rod-man left/right to correct alignment USB memory stick and SD card support 3.5” coloured touch screen iCONstruct software onboard Speaker for sound notification

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Leica iCON builder 60 One instrument for many tasks Applications ayout lines for footings or L ayout points on blinding L heck distances, area or C ndustry leading coloured I ynamic map updates with D imply import your ASCII or S chalk line for formwork on foundation layer such as pipe insert or cut-outs before pouring concrete block volume of concrete, plaster stones, etc. continued work in low light conditions touch screen for best visibility highest measurement precision quick navigation and point/ line selection telescope & pole positions plus bulls-eye view for fast in/out & left/right...

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Technical Specifications iCON builder 60 Angle Measurement (Hz, V) Accuracy Leica iCONstruct Onboard Software 2" (0.6 mgon) / 5" (1.5 mgon) / 9" (2.8 mgon) Absolute, continuous, diametrical Display resolution iCON app “As-Built”, iCON app “Layout Points”, Set up with Control Line, Set up Quadruple axis compensation Compensator setting accuracy Functionality of iCON builder 60 Anywhere, Height Transfer, Field Calibration, Settings Extra functionality Distance Measurement (Prism) Range Accuracy 3) 4) / Measurement Time Standard: Tracking: iCON builder 60, Tribrach, TrueZero mini prism, Mini...

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Leica Geosystems intelligent CONstruction. Whether you construct buildings, roads, bridges or tunnels, you benefit from intelligent CONstruction. Leica iCON is more than a new product line or software package, it enables you to enhance your performance, and increase your profitability through perfecting your construction workflow. Understanding construction demands outstanding solutions: Custom-built Complete Straightforward High performance When it has to be right. Illustrations, descriptions and technical data are not binding. All rights reserved. Printed in Switzerland – Copyright...

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