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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 1

Leica Digicat xf-Series Intelligent cable locators & signal transmitters

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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 2

Leica Digicat xf-Series Making cable avoidance easier & safer Every year site workers are injured due to inadvertently striking buried utilities such as electricity cables or pipes. Obtaining accurate information about the location of buried utilities has never been more essential to protect employees, equipment and infrastructure during any survey or excavation project. With Leica Geosystems state-of-the-art xf locators and transmitters, users can detect buried utilities faster and more accurately than ever before. The Leica Digicat xf-Series has been specifically designed with long...

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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 3

Leica Digicat xf-Series Benefits State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology Automatic controls - making the Digicat easy-to-use, requiring minimal user training Mode Lock - The Digicat starts in the last mode of operation assisting the survey process Hazard Zone feature indicating shallow buried service in power, 8 kHz, 33 kHz Auto, 512 Hz, 640 Hz modes Built-in test function – allowing operators to test the hardware and software functionality of the Digicat before use LCD screen with built-in light sensor, automatically enabling the backlight in dark conditions Robust,...

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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 4

Leica Digicat xf-Series Accurately locating buried utilities for easier and safer cable avoidance High Contrast LCD Screen On/Off Trigger Battery Compartment Light Sensor (Automatically enables backlight) Signal Strength Indicator Rugged Casing Display readout (for product menu or utility depth) Detection Mode Selection Depth Button and Menu Access Replaceable Foot Leica Digicat 500i xf Features Mode Lock The Digicat starts in the last mode of operation assisting the survey process. Hazard Zone Buried utilities close to the surface pose a safety risk to site works. The new Hazard Zone...

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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 5

Leica Digicat 550i xf Additional Features Depth Indication The Digicat 550i xf features utility depth indication, when used in conjunction with the Digitex signal transmitter or Digimouse in 8kHz or 33kHz modes. With a single press of the button, operators can determine the depth of the buried utility down to 3 metres or the depth of a sonde down to 9.9 metres. Current Level Indication Displays the amount of current flowing through a service helping to trace and verify the utility to which the Digitex signal transmitter is connected. Leica Digicat 600i xf Additional Features Data Logging...

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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 6

Leica Digicat 650i xf & GPS Mapping The Leica Digicat 650i xf and a GIS field controller, such as the Leica Zeno 10 or 15 offer a simple and cost effective solution to utility contractors who are looking to survey and map underground infrastructure such as cables and pipe-work. The Digicat 650i xf and Digitex signal transmitter are used to provide a depth reading to the centre of the cable or pipe to be surveyed. The depth reading is then transferred to the field controller via Bluetooth connectivity where the geographical position is added by Leica Zeno field software. Additional images...

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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 7

Logicat Software Simply upload stored records Detection Mode Allows managers to judge the quality and thoroughness of work. As more comprehensive ground surveys are conducted the locator records the mode of operation, including the use of a signal transmitter. Service Detection Discovers quickly if any buried services were detected during surveys and even determines the signal strength shown on the locator. Logicat software allows you to upload stored records from the Digicat 600i xf and 650i xf to view the locator's use, simply upload all records or search by date. Upload information...

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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 8

Leica Digitex 100t xf & 300t xf Signal transmitters The newly developed Leica Digitex xf signal transmitters deliver a higher power output than previous models with the addition of extra low tracing frequencies. This improved performance will allow users to: Trace services over a greater distance Improve service detection in areas of high signal interference Improve depth estimation when using a depth locator Benefits Four adjustable power output levels; select the output for site, tracing conditions Durable weatherproof design, environmental protection rating of IP65 Robust, compact and...

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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 9

Accessories Digitrace The Digitrace enables non-metallic drains, ducts or pipes to be traced when used in conjunction with the Leica Digicat and Digitex (or other signal transmitters). The Digitrace 30 metre, 50 metre or 80 metre coiled fibre-glass rod with a metallic tracing wire. The fibre rod is inserted and pushed along the service under investigation. The Digitex signal transmitter is used to apply a tracing signal which is located by the Digicat. Signal Clamp For use with the Digitex, enabling connection to cylindrical metallic services (e.g. pipes, insulated electricity cables)....

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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 10

Leica Digicat xf-Series Product specification Features Digicat 500i xf Frequency / Mode Digicat 550i xf Digicat 600i xf Digicat 650i xf Article no. 798640 / 798641 Article no. 798642 / 798643 Article no. 798644 / 798645 Article no. 798646 / 798647 Power mode 50 Hz or 60 Hz, Power mode 50 Hz or 60 Hz Power mode 50 Hz or 60 Hz Power mode 50 Hz or 60 Hz Radio mode 15 kHz to 60 kHz Radio mode 15 kHz to 60 kHz Radio mode 15 kHz to 60 kHz Radio mode 15 kHz to 60 kHz Transmitter mode 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 512 Transmitter mode 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 512 Transmitter mode 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 512 Transmitter mode 8 kHz,...

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Leica Digicat xf-Series - 11

PROTECT by Leica Geosystems Because the best products PROTECT come with the best service by Leica Geosystems Lifetime Warranty No Cost Period Certied Quality Swiss Technology Our products are built to last! Understanding construction and our customers’ needs has enabled us to develop product solutions for all positioning, measuring, levelling, aligning and plumbing tasks on site. Our products provide the highest levels of reliability, accuracy and ruggedness –even under the roughest jobsite conditions, making our customers more productive and successful. With Protect by Leica Geosystems we...

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