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Leica Cyclone PUBLISHER Universal access to your digital reality data Flexible Work with your data across the entire Leica Geosystems High-Definition Surveying (HDS) software product line. Leica Cyclone PUBLISHER and PUBLISHER Pro create files that can be consumed in Cyclone, Cyclone 3DR and in the JetStream, TruView and CloudWorx families giving you total flexibility to create the deliverables you and your clients need. With a single licence, users can work across the entire HDS software product portfolio. The Cyclone PUBLISHER family enables simple data access and a streamlined user experience via the LGS file, Leica Geosystems universal digital reality file, letting you access your project data in any software with a single publish. With a Cyclone PUBLISHER Pro licence you get all of the benefits of Cyclone PUBLISHER including LGS and ReCap publishing plus extra content including LAS, pano images and JPG and EXR and simple data filtering at the time of publish from Cyclone and Cyclone REGISTER 360. - when it has to be right Geosystems

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Leica Cyclone PUBLISHER Family WorkflowPrepare - Manage - Deliver LGS Cyclone PUBLISHER / PUBLISHER Pro CONTENT PUBLISHED 1 - RCP files can be produced from Cyclone REGISTER 360 (BLK Edition) without an additional PUBLISHER licence. 2 - Also supported publishing directly to TruView Cloud, no PUBLISHER licence required. 3 - Point cloud HDR attributes are only supported from HDR data from the RTC360 and BLK360 and viewable only in TruView. 4 - Only LGS files published from 2020.1 releases or later will support models. Product functionality is subject to change. Copyright Leica Geosystems AG,...

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