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Leica Cyclone & DotProduct handheld scanners Enhanced productivity Augmented workflow Leica Geosystems and DotProduct offer an augmented workflow solution to deliver enhanced productivity with minimum field setups and reduced overall project costs. Using DotProduct’s handheld scanners, professionals can capture and integrate hard-to-reach or obstructed objects with ease. Be it as a standalone 3D data capture tool or for additive infill, users can capture handheld data and then utilise Cyclone for powerful analysis. Enhanced productivity in Cyclone Leica Cyclone directly imports DotProduct 3D data, providing the complete end-to-end workflow offered by Leica Geosystems HDSTM software for deliverables creation. Users can take full advantage of Cyclone’s capabilities like its best-in-class registration tools or survey workflows. Once in Cyclone, the DotProduct data can migrate downsteram to utilise the CloudWorx plugins for CAD and BIM applications, or easy dissemination and collaboration via TruView and TruView Global

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Product specifications Augmented Capture This image shows Leica ScanStation P40 data from an office, shown in grayscale intensity, registered in Cyclone with DotProduct DPI-8 handheld data, shown in multihue intensity. The DotProduct data was used to capture inside a cubicle space, otherwise partly obstructed from the P40’s viewpoint. DPI-8 OPERATING RANGE nn0.6 - 3.7 m DPI-8/PHI.3D ACCURACY nnTable shows measured distance accuracy in post-processed model The DotProduct DPI-8 uses DotProduct’s Phi.3D software to turn an NVIDIA SHIELD Android tablet into a fully mobile 3D capture and...

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