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Leica Cyclone 3DR The all-in-one deliverable solution Guided workflows Smart automation Simple, professional deliverables Leica Cyclone 3DR offers specialised workflows to meet the needs of key industries with applications in transportation, architecture, engineering, construction land surveying and tank inspection. Each workflow is designed for ease of use so users of any skill level can easily execute complex tasks and produce professional and easy-to-understand deliverables. Special editions are available for AEC, survey, and tank applications. Cyclone 3DR leverages smart automation to make short work of common tasks such as cleaning, classifying, modelling, meshing, feature extraction, inspection and reporting. Load models, meshes and points simultaneously to visualise designs in context or QA construction activities against design intent. Cyclone 3DR helps users of any skill level produce a wide range of professional deliverables. Easily publish standalone deliverables like fly-through videos and orthoimages or use Cyclone 3DR’s unique dynamic reporting engine to customise report templates with 2D and 3D elements, images and numeric data, BCF issues for BIM applications and more. Where applicable, reporting conforms to industry standards.

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Touch Mode Benefit from touch-friendly guided workflows to connect to Leica Cyclone field applications, do as-built analysis, and create realtime colour maps and reports to support rapid decision-making in the field. Inspection and Analysis Inspect tunnels, roadways and more and produce comprehensive reports for immediate analysis or delivery to stakeholders. Robust QA User-defined tolerances for accuracy and precision are analysed and delivered to users for quick, visual QA checks or thorough client reporting. BIM & CAD Support for IFC and Revit files allows users maximum flexibility for...

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