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Simple route from points to model With Leica CloudWorx for SOLIDWORKS, you can streamline as-built condition modelling thanks to flexible import options for multiple point formats, COE as objects and meshes, and a robust toolset specifically designed for modelling from point data including automation for many common modelling tasks. Support for data of any size CloudWorx for SOLIDWORKS is the most capable point cloud solution for SOLIDWORKS. CloudWorx easily handles projects ranging from individual parts to entire plants in the billions of points so you can visualise designs in context, perform visual clash inspections and model from real-world conditions with the utmost accuracy. Completely interoperable CloudWorx for SOLIDWORKS is completely interoperable with the Leica Geosystems High-Definition Surveying (HDS) software portfolio allowing you to open point clouds from any scanner via Cyclone or Cyclone REGISTER 360, JetStream or the LGS* universal digital reality file and work with your CloudWorx projects across 10 different CAD packages. - when it has to be right Geosystems

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Amplifying the SOLIDWORKS experience Object fitters speed the model creation process for users, particularly those working in production facilities and construction. CloudWorx for SOLIDWORKS contains pipe and planar patch fitters as well as steel catalogues from 10 countries including thousands of unique objects. Leica CloudWorx for SOLIDWORKS Key features • Project points allows for simple transfer of key points from the point cloud part to an assembly for tracing or modelling • Insert COE as mesh or boundary representations (BREP) plus points from JetStream, LGS or Cyclone ModelSpace •...

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