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Leica CloudWorx for PDMS Point cloud plug-in software 3D object exchange for between PDMS and Cyclone Efficient management and use of as-built laser scan data Leica CloudWorx for PDMS is a plug-in for efficiently manipulating, as-built point cloud data directly within PDMS for better retrofit design, construction and operations. It provides a virtual site within PDMS, for greater confidence in assessing potential construction and operational impacts of a new design. Users operate in the familiar PDMS interface, shortening the learning curve for working with point clouds. The Leica CloudWorx tools along with powerful Leica Cyclone and Leica JetStream point cloud engines and database architecture let users efficiently visualise and work with large data sets without loss of fidelity or performance. Users benefit from complete, accurate laser scan data to conceive designs, check proposed designs against existing conditions, create as-built models, perform critical construction & fabrication QA, and more all directly within PDMS. Features and Benefits ■ Steel fitter with standard catalog support ■ 3D object exchange between Cyclone and PDMS ■ Fast manipulation of scan data ■ Slices, Half-Space Sections, and Limit Boxes ■ Automatic pipe centre D-points ■ Accurate tie-ins, clash checking and reporting Accurate Find Flange Work Point tool Direct measurements from point clouds Multi-user simultaneous network access Supports any laser scanner - when it has to be right Geosystems

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Powerful TruSpace viewing allows for fast easy navigation of the point cloud driven from the TruSpace Viewer window. Clash Display Control List Navigation Query History Clash List 1 HH CLASH CYLINDER 1 of SUBEQUIPMENT 16 2 HH CLASH CYLINDER 1 of SUBEQUIPMENT 16 3 HH CLASH CYLINDER 1 Of SUBEQUIPMENT 16 4 HH CLASH CYLINDER 1 Of SUBEQUIPMENT 16 5 HH CLASH CYLINDER 1 of SUBEQUIPMENT 16 Using the standard PDMS clashing tools users can easily find critical interferences of new design work compared to the point cloud as-built data. Here a new pipe is seen to be clashing with a few large pipes in...

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