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Leica Captivate is a user-friendly, versatile and customisable surveying field software, designed to tackle any measurement task. It is the best companion for a variety of measurement instruments including MultiStations, Total Stations, and GNSS receivers. Measuring, viewing, and sharing data is completed in one all-encompassing field software. Based on easy-to-use touch technology, clear 3D data visualizations, and a vast, ever growing, library of workflow focused familiar apps, Leica captivate guarantees informative data insights and effective data usage across diverse workflows, industries, and applications. Leica Captivate not only enhances the efficiency of data creation and data understanding, it also embraces collaboration by supporting industry-standard formats and the sharing of data via numerous cloud services. LEICA CAPTIVATE SURVEYING FIELD SOFTWARE Measurement professionals all over the globe use Leica Captivate daily to complete their project tasks. According to them, some of the main highlights of the software are: ■ Powerful coding: collecting informative data quickly and easily with easy coding routines. ■ Easy staking: fast and efficient staking due to easy data selection and clear navigation graphics. ■ Practical 2D & 3D viewer: understanding data with clear and interactive visualisation in 2D and 3D. ■ Informed at all times: feeling informed and reassured with status information always present on the screen. ■ Fits your needs: you can easily customise the software through configurable display settings and definable shortcuts. ■ Apps tailored to your work requirements: being able to tackle anything due to numerous and various of workflow targeted apps. - when it has to be right Geosystems

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