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Symmetrical TWIN flat spray air-injector compact nozzles IDKT Very low-drift, air-injector twin flat spray nozzle for optimized deposition and reduced spray shadow. Advantages to 90% drift reduction Up depending on nozzle size, pressure and country Compact design Optimum deposition on foliage and vertical target surfaces thanks to symmetrical twin flat spray jet 30°/30° Reduced spray shadow reducing up to 3 bar Drift (depending on nozzle size) approval for mixed JKI equipment with IDK/IDKN nozzles with the same nozzle sized in the boom center section Nozzle size 015 – 06 Spray angle 120° Material POM, ceramic Crop production Ground care Injector Nozzle body Droplet size Extreme coarse – medium Width across flats 8 mm Application areas Plant protection products and growth regulators Spray frame Toolless removable injector Border application can be combined with border nozzle IDKS 80 (see page

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IDKT - 2

Find out more on our website. BCPC Droplet size classification Classifications are subject to change Recommendation: Best protection of IDKT nozzles through long side walls of MultiCap (see page 106). Online nozzle calculator Drift reduction: 90/75/50 % Current list under Each also in association with IDKS-border nozzles identical size. JKI-approval for mixed nozzle equipping Very fine Fine Medium Coarse Very coarse Extreme coarse ■ Spray pressure at the nozzle tip (gauged with a diaphragm valve) ■ The stated liter-per-hectare rates apply to water. ■ Prior to each...

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