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Air-injector flat spray compact nozzles IDK Air-injector flat spray compact nozzles IDKN Very low-drift, compact airinjector flat spray nozzle with wide droplet spectrum (from extreme coarse to fine). Ø 14.8 Advantages to 90% drift reduction Up depending on nozzle size, pressure and country low drift and lossVery reducing in the pressure range up to 3.0 bar (depending on size) Inexpensive alternative to conventional standard nozzles good deposition Very structure and crop penetration * IDKN-characteristic: body with white stripe Crop production Nozzle size 01 – 06 Spray angle 90°, 120° Ground care Application areas Plant protection products and growth regulators Liquid Injector Nozzle body Liquid fertilizer Spray frame Border application can be combined with border nozzle IDKS 80 (see page 78) Golf course Backpack sprayer

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IDK / IDKN - 2

BCPC Droplet size classification Classifications are subject to change Example of ordering Type + spray angle + int’l nozzle size + material order number IDK 120-01 IDK 120-01 C MultiCap IDK 120-01 Drift reduction: 90/75/50 % Current list under Very fine Fine Medium Coarse Very coarse Extreme Coarse ■ Spray pressure at the nozzle tip (gauged with a diaphragm valve) ■ The stated liter-per-hectare rates apply to water. ■ Prior to each spraying season, verify the table data by gauging the flow rates. ■ Make sure that all nozzles have the same settings. Best Protection...

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