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Droplet separators from Lechler – Made-to-measure solutions Lechler droplet separators. Vital elements in many processing operations. Lechler droplet separators. Made-to-measure for your application. Droplet separators have long played a vital role in many process operations and in gas washing plants. They become even more important now through the imposition of ever more stringent environmental protection regulations that necessitate a drastic reduction in the pollutants carried by the gases leaving gas-washing plants. Working closely with plant operators and with scientific institutes,...

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Lechler measurement engineering – The basis for the reliable function of droplet separators It is necessary to the design and planning of droplet separators to have a thorough understanding of the function and performance of the various separation system as well as a good understanding of the process in which the droplet separator will be incorporated. It is of great importance when designing a droplet separator to have an understanding of how droplets are generated and of how they are transported in a flow of gas. We can honestly say that we know as much or more in this respect than any...

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Lechler vane-type separators work on the physical principle of inertia, and separation is thus effected in two stages: ■ Primary separation and ■ Secondary separation Primary separation A flow of gas, laden with droplets, flows through a band of curved and specially formed baffle vanes. Forces of inertia act upon the droplets while these are subject to directional flow changes in the baffle vanes. These forces divert the droplets from the original gas flow. The geometry of the baffle vanes, the nature of the gas and of the fluid, and the size and initial locations of a particular droplet,...

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The functional principle – Vertical or horizontal gas flow Droplet separators with vertical gas flow In vane-type droplet separators with a vertical gas flow the baffle vanes are arranged horizontally or at a slight angle to the horizontal. Since the gas flows upwards in the opposite direction, it is necessary for the baffle vanes to be designed so that certain regions are bypassed by the gas flow. Thus zones are provided in which the droplets can be collected without interaction with the gas. These zones also provide a secure diversion of the collected liquid from the surface of the vanes....

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Droplet Separators - 6

Lechler droplet separator for horizontal gas flow Type LTH 100 The LTH 100 is well proven with its many sided application and combination capabilities. The plastic sinusoidally corrugated profile plate with protruding phase separation chambers, reaches a high separation performance over a wide gas flow velocity spectrum. Minimal pressure loss, high hydraulic separation capacity, and a low fouling tendency make the LTH 100 a universally installable, decades proven, drop separator system, especially in the waste gases treatment area. We deliver the LTH 100 to you in many different...

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The type series LTH 600 includes four, exclusively stainless steel profile geometry's. From type LTH 601 to the LTH 604, in each series is an increasing number of separation effective inversions of the gas flow. Through these graduations and the variable distances between the separation profiles, you can achieve the best possible fine tuning to meet the specific demands for your operations. The most widely used profile shape, the LTH 603 with 3 phase separation chambers, shows it superiority through its high hydraulic separation capacity. It attains a high degree of separation and is also...

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Droplet Separators - 8

Lechler droplet separator for vertical gas flow Type LTV 271 The LTV 271 is a proven, well-known separator system made of plastic. The characteristic guidance channels, which are integrated in the separation profile assures the proper drainage of the separated liquid. The LTV 271 has a wide field of uses; in the waste gas treatment, as a fine separator in flue-gas desulphurization plants, in evaporators and columns or in exhaust air systems the LTV 271 is convincing through its problem free handling and the simple adaptability to the constructional situation where it is to be installed....

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Droplet Separators - 9

Lechler droplet separator for vertical gas flow Type LTV 300 The LTV 300 is characterized by its superior separating performance even the finest droplets and an extremely high separating capacity. Through the special profile geometry, there are small "drain off channels”, which, when they are installed in an angled position from 15°-60°, assure the removal of the separated fluids out of the flow stream. The LTV 300, made of plastic or stainless steel, finds usage in the waste gas treatment, in evaporators, in process gas cleaning and LTV 300 in plastic, standard construction LTV 300.30.B,...

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Droplet Separators - 10

Lechler droplet separator for vertical gas flow Type LTV 400 The LTV 400 is an universal separator system made of plastic or stainless steel. Many years of separator technology experience have flown into the LTV 400. Through intensive development and optimizations in the profile contours, the LTV 400 achieves high separation values, even without the additional drain off aids for the separated fluids. The resulting smooth profile has a very low fouling tendency and is easy to clean. The LTV 400 is particularly flexible in its application possibilities because of its variable package lengths...

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Droplet Separators - 11

A large variety of profiles for horizontal and vertical gas flow Lechler has a large diversity in many different separator profiles. We have therewith the optimal possibility to solve your just as diverse problems. Over and beyond the already shown systems on the previous pages, we would like to show you a few other of our proven profiles, a few of which can be seen here in the pictures. For example the LTV 110.33.B, which has proven itself for coarse separation in flue-gas desulphurization plants. Other types which can be ordered and delivered with short notice, are the models: n LTH 200 n...

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