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USB scale transfer for CMM instead of PCI card


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USB scale transfer for CMM instead of PCI card - 1

USB-303 scale transfer is a new type of device for scale data reading and transmission, which can connect three pieces of linear scales and one touch probe. When the touch probe is triggered or Rl of linear scale is found, the device will latch the three-axis data. It is an excellent digital solution for Coordinate Measuring Machine. With the Interface functions, Developer can develop their measuring software based on Windows as well. Independent 3-axis 24-bit reversible counters With external trigger, three-axes counters will be latched simultaneous, the latch delay is less than 20ns • LOMHZ(PC-AT) four - phase input • A, B phase signal of each axis support single-ended input or differential-ended input • The computation direction (+or-) is adjustable • Polarity of Rl, A and B phase signal can be chosen when search Rl of linear scales • Fourth-order digital filtering enhance the anti-jamming capability

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