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book of granulation technology. We have designed the technology so that there are advantages to both the pharmaceutical side and the handling side during the Bohle Uni Cone BUC® process. With this new process, wet granulation, drying and pellet coating are possible, without modification and in one bowl! This combination is not possible in the 55 year old Wurster process without the alteration of the machine. Dear reader, One of the two leading trade fairs in Germany, the Interpack 2014, invites you from May 8th –14th for a visit! We have spared no effort to show you our newest revolutionary...

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Global growth opportunities In the 2013 financial year, L. B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH generated sales of around 42 million euros. The investments lay the foundation for further sales growth. “Now, we have to give our customers a stronger sense of the variety of our product portfolio which ranges from simple handling machines to complex solutions – including software” explains Bohle. On the world market, he currently sees great growth opportunities in Russia and South America. “In South America, we will intensify our activities through a new sales expert”, says Bohle. In Russia,...

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BFS Bohle Fluid Bed SystemsMultipurpose equipment for drying, granulation and coating Figure 1: Bohle Fluid Bed BFS 240 with HMI Introduction Fluid bed equipment is well known and established in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 50 years now [1]. Originally used only as a dryer after a wet granulation process, it replaced stepwise the classical oven drying in pharmaceutical production. Nowadays, fluid bed drying can be considered still as state of the art within pharmaceutical drying processes. With the additional implementation of spraying nozzles fluid bed dryers became fluid...

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Table 3:API coating solution (133% mass gain) Table 5: Sustained release coating dispersion Formulation API Kollidon® 30 Water Figure 4: Lactose granules (light microscope, magnification: 50x) Figure 7: SEM photos of sustained release Table 4: Settings for the active layering in a BFS 30 (spray phase) Parameters Spray rate Atomization pressure Inlet air volume Inlet air temperature Product temperature Figure 5: Single spherical lactose agglomerate (light microscope, magnification: 50x) Case study II Pellet coating After the coating phase a short drying phase was introduced at same inlet air...

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Bohle Coater available as Lego® model Creativity unchained at Bohle It is actually by coincidence that Bohle employee Michael Jasper had the idea to replicate a Bohle Film Coater BFC 600. When cleaning up and sorting his numerous Lego® bricks, he suddenly held a brick in his hand which looked very similar to the front door of the BFC. terest in the “mini BFC” during his visit at Bohle where he actually wanted to discuss an original BFC 600 project. He then ordered four Lego® models of the BFC 600. At the end of November, the models of the high tech coater at the scale of 1:24 were finished...

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Publisher: L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH IndustriestraBe 18 59320 Ennigerloh Germany Tel.: +49 2524 9323-0 Fax: +49 2524 9323-29 E-Mail: Internet: Layout: ■ Druck: Darpe Industriedruck, darpe.d'

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