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Bohle Innovativ 2013-1

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keystone of this growth is the commercial    was able to cover the Handling line of success of the Bohle Coater - it excelled    business after expanding its existing in particular with highly complex coating    production area by an impressive 120%. tasks.    This additional capacity was completely filled within just one year thanks to the Our customers told us, for example, that    commercial success of the Bohle mixers. the coaters showed an incredibly opti-    It goes to show that Bohle mixers are true mized performance of uniform applica-    market leading products. tion for coatings...

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Bohle Coating Technology Pharmaceutical film coating represents nowadays an important process step in the pharmaceutical industry. Derived originally from dragee pan processing, coating technology has developed continuously in the last decades. The majority of coating processes are performed for drug release modification, drug stability improvement against light or moisture and taste masking. Furthermore patient compliance issues play an important role, as swallowability improvement or a simpler identification due to a different colour. Finally API coating is gaining more and more...

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Fig 2: Bohle helical baffle design bed into the exhaust air funnel. This setup offers also another advantage: The spray guns are not being heated during coating and remain cool. Therefore spray losses are reduced to a minimum which leads to coating efficiencies of >>95% which is especially beneficial for API coating processes. Besides these unique features making the Bohle Coating Technology so successful, these coating machines can be equipped with CIP systems. At high pressure values the cleaning takes place with a cleaning lance which effectively cleans the coater after production in an...

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Continuous twin screw wet granulation of paracetamol and lactose Pharmaceutical Technology, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat Bonn, Viktoria Riedel and Prof. Dr. Klaus-Jurgen Steffens Introduction Usually, wet granulation is performed with high shear and fluid bed granulators, being batch pro-cesses. Twin screw granulators however offer various advantages like e.g. efficiency improvement and reduction of scale-up difficulties. In the first experiments, we will report on the influence of various process and formulation parameters on granule and tablet properties with an instrumented...

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Compaction Pressure [MPa] Fig. 4: Influence of different screw configuration on the compactability of placebo formulation Viktoria Riedel Relative Density Fig. 5: Influence of PVP addition’s method (Configuration 4) 2.1. Influence of liquid feed rate A trend was observed that a higher water content lead to a higher tensile strength. This was valid for both formulations. 2.2. Influence of administration of PVP The comparison between PVP added to the powder blend prior to extrusion (blue) or dissolved in the binder solution used for granulation (red) resulted in the same granule and tableting...

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L.B. Bohle brings researchers from Siemens and the Universities of Graz and Dusseldorf to Ennigerloh Construction of the new Global Technology Center After the most successful year in the company’s history, founder Lorenz Bohle is again stepping on the gas in 2013: In Ennigerloh, the new “Global Technology Center” building will start operations in the spring, next to the Service Center. “Our customers are relying more and more on continuous production processes,” Mr Bohle said. “At the new Development, Test, And Presentation Center, we will be pushing this development forward together with...

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International visitors in Ennigerloh Agent Meeting at L.B. Bohle L.B. Bohle honours ten long-standing employees A total of 35 agents and distributors of L. B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH responded to the invitation by CEO Lorenz B. Bohle and met on the 12th and 13th March in the service center in the German ­ town of Ennigerloh. During the agent meeting the international guests found out more about the latest developments and took the opportunity to compare notes. In addition to lectures about the new dry granulator BRC 100 and coating technology, strategic questions and the company's...

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Herausgeber: L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH IndustriestraRe 18 59320 Ennigerloh Germany Tel.: +49 2524 9323-0 Fax: +49 2524 9323-29 E-Mail: Internet: Layout: Darpe Kreativ-Lounge ■ Druck: Darpe Industriedruck ■

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