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Product Portfolio Machinery for Your OSD Production 1

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Processes for Your OSD Batch-Production Granulation L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH Hightech „Made in Germany“ MORE THAN EXPORT RATE SERVICE DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES WORLDWIDE Sieving TURNOVER: MORE THAN MORE THAN SALES PARTNERS WORLDWIDE Headquarter Distribution and service offices Production

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Granulation Precision from the start Bohle weighing and dispensing systems are modular and economic solutions, designed to dispense amounts of pharmaceutical powders. To handle active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) or highly active substances, which require special safety and environmental measures, isolators and laminar flow cabins are available as integrated solutions. By using Bohle high containment equipment at critical transfer interfaces, best human and environmental safety is provided. Fluid-bed Granulation and Drying BFS L.B. Bohle developed the Bohle Fluid Bed Systems with...

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Granulation GMA – High Shear Granulator The Granumator GMA is a granulating system specifically optimized for pharmaceutical applications. The impeller is designed for high shear and compression, ensuring effective granulation. The chopper prevents excessive granule growth and distributes the granulating liquid within the product. GMA batch sizes: 20 – 960 litres Benefits: • Less liquid consumption • Good discharging conditions • Closed system • Granulation can be controlled by time, amount or power • Easy cleaning, no rinse water remaining Compact Unit: Small footprint, high quality The...

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Round and Square Blending Hammer Mill BTM Even for most complicated products, the user-friendly, modular and compact cGMP, FDA compliant design of the Turbo Mill BTM ensures excellent throughput capacities and milling results. The Bohle blending systems allow homogeneous blending of dry powder batches with its patented blending baffles mounted to the inside of the container lid. The blending procedure can be scaled up from 4 – 12,000 litres. Important features: easy transport on a mobile under carriage as well as height adjustability. For optimum flexibility, the blending containers can be...

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Coating Film Coater BFC The high-end version of the Bohle coater designed specifically for high speed, problem-free coating, providing unparalleled tablet uniformity and efficiencies. A high containment execution is also available. Batch sizes from 50 – 980 litres can be realized in the different coaters. BFC 5 is a stand-alone unit. The entire air handling, electrical and c ontrol systems are incorporated in the unit. Benefits: • Best coating uniformity RSD < 2 % • Patented spirals: excellent mixing and careful product movement • Minimal spray losses < 5 % • Reduction of the process times...

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L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH Industriestraße 18 D-59320 Ennigerloh +49 (0) 2524 9323-0 12

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