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TABLET COATING HANDLING WEIGHING & DOSING GRINDING & SIEVING Accurate weighing helps manage raw materials, meet regulatory requirements and improve product quality. Worldwide, L.B. Bohle's grinding and sieving machines are recognized as the most advanced for precision particle size reduction according to industry standards. The technology-leading coaters from L.B. Bohle guarantee first-class product processing with high profitability. Perfect handling is a key factor in optimizing production processes. GRANULATION BLENDINGCONTINUOUS MANUFACTURING L.B. Bohle offers a comprehensive range of...

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HANDLING AND CONTAINER Safe and versatile DISPENSING Precision from the start Perfect handling is critical to optimizing your production processes: Whenever raw materials must be supplied, products transported, safely packaged or stored, a wide variety of containers and lifting systems are used. L.B. Bohle has developed a variety of optimized handling solutions for the sensitive handling of pharmaceutical products. Our wide range of (individual) solutions for storage or transport enables optimal coordination or interlinking of individual process steps. L.B. Bohle weighing and dispensing...

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Product Portfolio - 4

GRANULATION BFS Fluid Bed Granulation and Drying L.B. Bohle has developed fluid bed systems with tangentially mounted spray nozzles and the Bohle Uni Cone BUC®. The innovative Bohle Uni Cone BUC® technology ensures complete fluidization, resulting in uniform granulation and coating results. Due to the absence of twin formation during particle coating, the system offers high product yields. The GMA high-shear granulator is a granulation system specially optimized for pharmaceutical applications. The impeller with high shear and compaction effect guarantees effective granulation. The chopper...

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Product Portfolio - 5

COMPACT GRANULATION MODULE Small footprint, highest quality The compact module is the effective solution for optimizing classical wet granulation and drying in an economical and ergonomic way. The individual components - GMA highshear granulator, BTS wet screen, BFS fluid bed, Bohle Uni Cone BUC®, cyclone separator and BTS wet screen - are optimally combined in a single unit. Process, cleaning, control, explosion protection, zone concept and qualification are perfectly matched. ROLLER COMPACTOR BRC L.B. Bohle meets the increasing market demand for continuous processes with the BRC 25 and the...

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Product Portfolio - 6

QbCon® 1 – CONTINUOUS WET GRANULATION AND DRYING MILLING & SIEVING Flexible & productive With the QbCon® 1, we offer the optimal entry into continuous production. Our truly continuous wet granulator and dryer for research and development ensures improved product quality while increasing flexibility and operator safety. Advantages: Material flow from raw material to dried granules in a truly continuous process Fully automatic filter cleaning during the drying process with unprecedented consistency BTM HAMMER MILL The user-friendly, modular and compact GMP-compliant design of the BTM Bohle Turbo...

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Product Portfolio - 7

BLENDING TECHNOLOGY Market-leading and highly flexible TABLET COATING The technological leader CONTAINER BLENDER - PM BFC FILM COATER With the patented blending elements on the inside of the container lid, the L.B. Bohle container blenders ensure homogeneous blending of dry powder batches. The blending process can be scaled for volumes from 4 to 12,000 liters. For optimum flexibility, blending containers with different capacities are available. The patented L.B. Bohle blending process allows effective blending at a loading of between 20 and 85 % with a density of 0.2 to 1.2 kg/l. Control:...

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BFC 5 LABORATORY COATER Compared to conventional tablet coating systems, the BTC offers up to 35 % faster process times for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, giving you a cost-saving system for more efficient and longer-lasting processes. Advantages: y/ Homogeneous blending y/ Gentle, continuous tablet guidance: no tablet breakage or twinning y/ Nozzles with anti-bearding caps y/ Minimization of spray losses y/ Fast and complete discharge y/ Secured scale-up The BFC 5 is the optimal system for research and development and for process optimization. Designed as a stand-alone unit,...

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L.B. Bohle Maschinen und Verfahren GmbH Industriestr. 18 D–59320 Ennigerloh +49 25 24 93 23 0 www.lbbohl

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