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WEIGHING & DOSING GRINDING & SIEVING TABLET COATING HANDLING Accurate weighing helps manage raw materials, meet regulatory requirements and improve product quality. Worldwide, L.B. Bohle's grinding and sieving machines are recognized as the most advanced for precision particle size reduction according to industry standards. The technology-leading coaters from L.B. Bohle guarantee first-class product processing with high profitability. Perfect handling is a key factor in optimizing production processes. GRANULATION BLENDING CONTINUOUS MANUFACTURING L.B. Bohle offers a comprehensive range of...

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L.B. BOHLE BLENDING TECHNOLOGY With patented blending elements on the inside of the hopper lid, our blenders provide homogeneous blending of dry powder batches. The blending process is scalable from 4 to 12,000 liters. Blending containers of different capacities can be used for optimum flexibility. The patented blending process allows effective blending at 20 - 85 % fill level with a density of 0.2 - 1.2 kg/l. The blending process is completely closed. Each container is equipped with an inner lid for filling. In addition, the blender can be used as a milling station for transport from...

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The range of L.B. Bohle blending systems demonstrates the flexibility of our technology and production. Our container blenders can be used and adapted for every conceivable pharmaceutical production situation. Whether you use round or square containers in your plant, our blenders guarantee first-class blending results. L.B. Bohle offers a wide range of pick-up options for its blending systems ✓ Standard arm connection and clamp ✓ Round forks on the lifting arm ✓ Lifting arm with eccentric clamp, power clamp and hydraulic clamp Multiple processes in one system - blending, chopping and liquid...

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The user-friendly, modular and compact GMP-compliant design of the BTM Bohle Turbo Mill guarantees excellent milling results. Advantages: y/ Easy to operate, modular and compact Particle size < 100 pm y/ Sieve sizes from 0.1 to 4 mm y/ Speed from 600 - 6,000 rpm. Rotor with impact and knife sides y/ Integrated mobile lifting column y/ Nearly tool-less disassembly for fast product changes y/ PTFE or silicone seals meet GMP and FDA requirements y/ Convenient operation via 7" touch panel y/ User and recipe management, PDF printing via USB interface The BRS Bohle Rotary Sieve is a mobile and...

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The PTM is a mobile blending and transport unit. Built on a stable stainless-steel frame, all aggregates and energy supply components are accommodated under the stainless-steel casing. The LM 40 laboratory blender is optimized for use in research and development. The laboratory blender is driven by a three-phase motor located in the machine housing. The machine control is also located there. The lifting mast consists of an outer and an inner mast. This sliding mast principle ensures a GMP-compliant design. The blender‘s tine holder is used to pick up containers with matching tubes....

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L.B. Bohle Maschinen und Verfahren GmbH Industriestr. 18 D–59320 Ennigerloh +49 25 24 93 23 0 www.lbbohl

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