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Cargo Master Appealing quality for perfect aircraft handling

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LAWECO CARGO MASTER Strong performance for airports all over the world The LAWECO CARGO MASTER fleet provides our customers with an invariably high performance level based on consistent use of innovative technologies. The especially high availability and safety results from the perfect combination of the mechanical and hydraulic components and the control system. The premium workmanship and reliable service match our time-proven LAWECO slogan „In good hands“ and complete our strengths

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Sturdy design All CARGO MASTER devices are equipped with a sturdy steel frame, stable and warp-resistant scissor systems and completely flat platforms without any tripping hazards. The CANopen control system concept, which was specifically developed for automotive engineering, is an integral part of the CARGO MASTER LOADER. This makes susceptible relays and approximately 90 % of electrical connections unnecessary. Reliability and availability are significantly increased while at the same time exhaust fumes and noise emissions are reduced through the use of intelligent environmentally...

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LAWECO - Cargo Master - 4

Green Line Innovative development LAWECO‘s CARGO MASTER GREEN LINE shows how economic and environmental aspects can be combined in a reasonable manner. The GREEN LINE makes freight handling on airports significantly more environment-friendly and supports airports in their sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions. Environmental protection Significantly lower noise emissions and the elimination of soot particles significantly improve the working situation on the airport ramp. At the same time, the lower energy consumption decreases the operating costs of the loaders. For the electrical...

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LAWECO - Cargo Master - 5

TRANSPORTER CMT 7 Ideal for sensitive freight The CARGO MASTER TRANSPORTER CMT 7 is specifically designed for transport of heavy and sensitive airfreight. As a link between Cargo Loader and Dolly Train, these transporters notably increase the clearance capacity on large international airports. Extremely sturdy The CARGO MASTER TRANSPORTER CMT 7 is a diesel vehicle with a loading capacity of 7,000 kg and a transport speed of 25 km/h. The warp-resistant chassis is based on a highly sturdy steel construction and is additionally reinforced on the transfer points to prevent damage. The travel...

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LAWECO - Cargo Master - 6

Two in one: Loader and transporter The extremely flexible and manoeuvrable CARGO MASTER LOADER TRANSPORTER CMLT 3.73.6 can be used both as a loader for aircraft loading and as a container or pallet transporter. The powerful solution for flexible handling With a load bearing capacity of 3,700 kg, the CMLT 3.7-3.6 is a reliable multifunctional machine for quick and flexible handling. The CMLT 3.7-3.6 meets the highest standards concerning loading safety, as the space between the loading transporter and the aircraft outline is very generously dimensioned. The small turning radius permits fast...

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LAWECO - Cargo Master - 7

One model for many types The CMLT 3.7 - 3.6 is designed for the following airplane types, among others:  Airbus A 300  Airbus A 310  Airbus A 319  Airbus A 320  Airbus A 321  Boeing 737  Boeing 747  Boeing 767  Boeing 777 Technical data Load bearing capacity Stroke heights Transport speed Travel speed max. Turning radius Front axle Rear axle Tyres Lifting system Motor Drive system Brakes Hydraulic system Transport dimensions Weight 3,700 kg 490 – 3,600 mm 18 m/min. max. 25 km/h 7,990 mm hydraulic steering support hydrostatic drive motors MCR large-dimensioned solid rubber / air...

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LAWECO - Cargo Master - 8

A brand-new generation of loading technology The tried and tested CARGO MASTER LOADER CML 7 generation is one of the most innovative, efficient and safe container and pallet loaders on the market. LAWECO has consistently adapted loaders of this type to current challenges. Added high-tech for the drive and the environment A driving characteristic that is usual in the automotive sector: Our current loader model is the first vehicle with a closed hydraulic circuit specifically designed for the special requirements of aircraft handling. The combination of hydraulic components and diesel engine...

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LAWECO - Cargo Master - 9

Reliability of the highest standard It goes without saying that we use materials and technology of the best possible quality for our CARGO MASTER LOADER CML 7. LAWECO‘s experienced technicians have made additional developments on all elementary components of the current generation. For example, the complete drive system of the diesel-driven vehicles has been carefully reworked and optimised to meet the demands of the future. Technical data CARGO MASTER LOADER CML 7 - 3.7 S CML 7 - 3.7 W STANDARD WIDE Load bearing capacity, main platform 7,000 kg Load bearing capacity, bridge platform 7,000...

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LAWECO - Cargo Master - 10

CML 14 - CML 35 Performance on a truly grand scale The CARGO MASTER MAIN-DECK-LOADER CML 14 and CML 35 loaders are ideal for problemfree handling of wide-body aircraft. After all, there is a good reason why they have become one of the preferred solutions for nose loading of the Boeing 747. Perfect loading for up to 14 tons The CML 14-5.6 has a number of assembly components and characteristics in common with its little brother in the 7-t series. Furthermore, its precisely dimensioned front platform makes it perfectly equipped for the respective cargo load. The CARGO MASTER MAIN-DECK-LOADER...

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Sturdy technology for Big Business The CARGO MASTER LOADER CML 35 – 5.6 can show its premium qualities wherever there is a high demand for loading especially heavy loads. Sturdily designed steel constructions and hydraulic and mechanical drive elements which have proven their quality in continuous operation, guarantee that the CARGO MASTER LOADER CML 35 can meet the highest safety standards on all airports in the world without any problems. Technical data CARGO MASTER LOADER Load bearing capacity, main platform Load bearing capacity, bridge platform Stroke height, main platform Stroke...

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LAWECO – In good hands It is the sum total of details that makes LAWECO first choice – no matter which lifting solution is required. Put your trust in Europe‘s leading manufacturer of individual lifting solutions. In cutting edge technology, made in Germany, setting standards in precision, safety and functionality. In over 30 years of experience of our highly motivated and specialised team. In consistent customer and service orientation, reflected in the large proportion of repeat business and an extremely high level of satisfaction. In special products tailored to your requirements right...

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