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Termo-Lite is the brand New La Forni Tecnica serie of smart dimension furnaces and equipment. Termo-Lite is where experience, quality and flexibility meets small and dedicated produc?on. Laboratory or trial chamber furnace or Pit furnace for achiving small produc?on with high quality standard. Fastner produc?on equipments for liCle Batch such as rota?ve retort furnace and all in one mesh belt furnace. All Termo Lite furnaces are electric and engineered to minimize produc?on energy, space and maintenance cost assuring at the same ?me a high quality standard with state of the art components. If you are looking for a small produc?on furnace to overcome costs and lead ?me of an external purchaser for your thermal processes on your components but, at the same you want an economic solu?on both as investment and as energy savings that’s where Thermo-Line meets your demand. Bringing your heat treatment in house will be a choice to save you money, elimina?ng minimum price charges, save on turnaround money, have beCer controll of Here you can see a special solu?on developed for one of our your produc?on schedule and improve customers developed in a space of just 25 to let the customers be quality on your products, the investment able to run his own heat treatment shop. will return in short ?me. The solu?on in made of a Termo-Lite Serie 1 for hardening Chamber furnace, Ver?cal furnaces, principal components, a Termo-Lite Seire 1L for processing at high Rota?ve Retort furnaces, temperature very small parts, a VS0/400 quench tank,a TermoMesh Belt furnaces and may more solu?one Lite Serie 2 for draw and temper at low temperature. fiCed for your needs. Forno Thermo-Lite Serie 1 Forno frontale Standard per alte temperature Austenizzazione in aria o in casseAa Vasca VSO/45 Vasca Mobile con ascensore in Olio,Acqua o polimeri Per la tempra dopo fase di austenizzazione Forno Thermo-Lite Serie 1L Forno frontale per alte temperature Ideale per processare piccoli componen9 Forno Thermo-Lite Serie 2 Forno frontale per media temperatura a circolazione d’aria forzata Ideale per preriscaldi, rinvenimen9 e distensione, ma anche per processi termici sull’alluminio ed altre leghe Banco per prove di durezza sui componen9 Wide selec?on of models and op?onals Economy solu?on thanks to standard design State of the art components ed equiments installed Great opportunity of bringing your heat treatment requirements in house Ideal for hardening small parts and preocessing light loads Electric hea?ng elements designed for long life working High quality insula?on for beCer heat storage and low external heat loss Standard equiped with digital temperature controll and safety temperature alarm Furnacese completely wired, assembled ready for shipment and connec?on at your facility La fornitecnica can give you completely support on your process to beCer achive desired target of quality thanks to your Thermo-Lite Furnace Many addic?ona accessor to get your ideal equipment La ForniTecnica S.r.l. Uffici Amministra?vi e Produzione: Via Virginio Magna, 36 20013 Magenta Mi Italy Tel. +39 02 84568277 - Fax: +39 02 84571230 - E-Mail: info@lafornitecnica.com Sede Legale: Via Tolen?no, 2 20155 Milano Italy - Capitale sociale Euro 10.500,00 i.v. Registro Imprese di Milano n. 07487100963 - Codice fiscale 07487100963 - R

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