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Heat Treatment Furnaces and Automation Solutions La ForniTecnica Sri is an italian based Company active in the development and manufacturing of all types of Heat Treatment furnaces. We have supplied and manufactured many different plants for automotive and fasteners industry. Today we have enhanced our experience in the Heat Treatment Industry in order to satisfy all the requires: from planning to construction, installation and maintenance. Proficiency is our aim and it allows us to satisfy all the requirement from our customers. We can propose our standard products or we can design ad hoc...

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Heat Treatment Furnaces and Automation Solutions Automotive Our continuous pusher furnaces are suitable for the automotive industry. Developed to obtain the separation between the different carburizing pahses, ideal for high quality and quantity production. Fully automated system for an high efficiency process. Fasteners Continuous Mesh or Cast belt furnaces : • Ideal for hardening and tempering • High flexibility • Plants developed with U shaped radiant tubes and heat recovery system • Long conveyor belt life • High energetic efficiency Automatic lines: Developed as follow: • High...

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Heat Treatment Furnaces and Automation Solutions Brazing furnaces Quench systems Salt quench tank ideal for Austempering: • Thermal shock reduction • Excellent cooling uniformity Continuous furnaces ideal for the production of heat exchangers Nocolock process Small lab furnaces – Nocolab series The atmosphere is less critical than vacuum process General Components • • • • • • Carbon potential control During all atmoshpere treatment processes the carbon potential control takes a rilevant role. Our Oxygen and Lambda probes are characterized by high reliability and precision. Complete furnace...

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Heat Treatment Furnaces and Automation Solutions Lo-Dew Endogas Generator Our LO-DEW Generator produces an endothermic atmosphere suitable for carburizing and other heat treating processes. The difference between a traditional endogas generator is significant: the quality of the atmosphere produced and the saving of methane and energy made the LO-DEW a unique product. Main Featuers: • • • • • Eso-endo thermic generator Endogas AGA 501-502 Computerized process Low percentage of Hydrogen Efficiency: 1 m3 of methane to produce 5,5 m3 of endogas High efficiency Low dew point No soot High...

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La ForniTecnica S.r.l. Headquarters and Legal Office: Via Virginio Magna, 36 – 20013 Magenta MI Italy Ph. +39 02 84568277 - Fax: +39 02 84571230 e-Mail: R.E.A. IT n. 1961990 - VAT 07487100963

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